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TikTok introduces a Live Subscription Program

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TikTok introduces a Live Subscription Program-GadgetAny
TikTok introduces a Live Subscription program

TikTok posted an announcement video on its Live Creator page revealing that it is launching a Live Subscription program. The program will enable viewers to pay to subscribe to specific live streamers they like. Additionally, it comes with benefits like a subscriber-only chat, creator-specific emotes, and badges that differentiate them from non-subscribers. The Live Subscription program of TikTok is launching in beta on May 26. 

Furthermore, there were also videos from several creators announcing their involvement in the programs on that page. The creators also listed the potential benefits to their followers and viewers. On the one hand, custom stickers for live stream chats and access to subscriber-only conversations will attract more viewers. But on the other hand, many creators are excited about having a “predictable monthly income.” That is because earning an income directly from TikTok has been difficult for years. And it only became a bit easy when TikTok announced earlier this month that it would start sharing a cut of ad revenue with eligible creators. 

TikTok introduces a Live Subscription program

Additionally, live streamers who were previously a part of a creator program might receive “Gifts” or tips from viewers. These tips will be a form of an in-app currency that streamers can exchange later for real money. Plus, in the Live Subscription program, creators will receive fees from their subscribed viewers every month. However, TikTok did not clarify if it would take a cut from those fees or not. 

TikTok Live Subscription similar to Twitch subscription programs

Twitch has a similar subscription program. In addition, sources reveal that the TikTok Live Subscription price will be “comparable” to Twitch programs. The Twitch packages start at $4.99 per month, ranging to $24.99 a month. Interestingly, it is ironic to see TikTok copying from some other platform. Until now, other platforms like YouTube and Twitter copied TikTok’s features, but now there’s a complete role reversal. 

Lastly, the post states that users must be 18 or above to either offer or buy the Live Subscription program. In addition, creators with at least 1,000 followers can offer subscriptions. Unfortunately, for now, the Live Subscription program is invite-only. 

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