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TikTok Comment Dislike Feature To Start Soon

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TikTok Comment Dislike Feature To Start Soon-GadgetAny
TikTok comment dislike

On April 13, TikTok confirmed testing a new comment dislike feature in a blog post. The post was on safety and community guidelines for TikTok videos. Additionally, it stated that users could dislike comments they find “irrelevant or inappropriate” without them being visible to others. Besides that, users have also noticed various versions of this option earlier this year. The company remarked that the new feature would be a new way of receiving community feedback. “It will add to various factors already used to keep the comment section consistently relevant and a place for genuine engagement,” says TikTok. 

Moreover, users were already able to dislike a video on the platform. As a result, users can always make the company aware of any uninteresting video or content. Hence, a comment dislike button will be a bonus in making TikTok safer and more user-friendly. Additionally, TikTok creators are subject to many harmful and malicious comments on the platform. Therefore, the company divulged that it’s working on sending specific reminders to creators to escape negative comments. Thus, TikTok would send regular reminders to creators about features like comment filtering, bulk block, and delete. 


Furthermore, TikTok remarked it would decide to roll out the comment dislike feature in full in the coming weeks. Besides a comment dislike button, an option to report a comment for community guideline violation is also available. Lastly, TikTok revealed that it removed about one percent of all videos uploaded in Wednesday’s transparency report. The report states that the company removed more than 85 million videos for violations between October and December 2021. Hence, the new comment dislike feature will strengthen TikTok’s community violation guidelines. 

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