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Tinder Utilizes AI To Help You Find Love

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image credit - blogs.skillovilla.com Artificial intelligence (AI) is being tested in the dating tool Tinder (iOS and Android). Some people who use the site say that it might be the only smart thing on the app. But that's a different story for another time. The Guardian says that Tinder is working on a new feature that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help users choose which pictures of themselves to post on the app. During a conference call with analysts and investors, Bernard Kim, CEO of Match Group, which owns Tinder, said, "I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really shows who they are." The executive said that using AI to help people choose a shot that shows off their best traits would also "eliminate awkwardness." Also read - Here’s why Tinder will no longer link your social media accounts to your profile Match Group said in a letter to shareholders this week that Tinder has 75 million active users. The letter talked about other ways AI could be used in the app, such as to "surface the right content to the right people to help improve relevancy and, ultimately, user outcomes." This could lead to more swipes to the right (which means a possible match) instead of swipes to the left (which means a possible match is not a good fit). [caption id="attachment_189709" align="aligncenter" width="816"]tinder-and-ai image credit - apro-software.com[/caption] Additionally, generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard may be utilized to assist Tinder users in creating compelling profiles that will draw in potential partners. This is only accessible in test markets and is still in the early testing stages. For the "interests" and "relationship goals" parts of their Tinder profiles, users are supposed to have the conversational chatbot write personalized material. According to a survey, a third of Tinder users would "absolutely" utilize generative AI to assist them in creating their profile, according to Mark Van Ryswyk, the company's chief product officer. Other AI-based dating apps have come out, like Teaser AI (iOS), which lets you chat with an AI version of a possible date before you decide which way to swipe on their profile. Blush is an app for iOS and Android that uses AI and lets users practice "relationship and intimacy skills" by talking to a chatbot. There are some problems with using AI to make your online dating page better. Crystal Cansdale, who is in charge of communications for the dating app Inner Circle, said, "We can't ignore the fact that safety is a huge problem here. From scammers to spammers to fake accounts, the whole industry is worried about how AI can be used to trick people.

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