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Tips to Thoroughly Clean Your Robot Mop & Increase its Life

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Tips to Thoroughly Clean Your Robot Mop & Increase its Life-GadgetAny
How to clean robot mop

In addition to using a spray of water or cleaner, pads, and other typical mop features to clear up spills, robot mops for 2021 and mop-vacuum hybrids introduce a new feature to smart floor cleaning. Hard flooring has a lot of advantages over soft flooring since it can clean up light stains and eliminate dust more thoroughly.

Whether you have a robot mop that cleans large areas or one that is better suited for cleaning small spaces, these general instructions will work for many robot mop models. However, adding water to a smart robot vacuum also entails some additional upkeep procedures to keep it clean and functioning properly. What you should know if you’ve never cleaned a robot mop before.

Robot Mop

How to properly clean a robot mop?

Of course, each robot mop varies slightly. Wiping pads are generally used by numerous models, such as the Braava from iRobot. Roborock mopheads employ a more distinctive kind of sound mopping. Because of this, not all cleaning techniques will work for your model, but you should still be able to learn a few helpful pointers. If in doubt, refer to your handbook for more details.

  • First, fill your robot vacuum as directed with water or cleaning solution. Never use a cleaning that isn’t recommended by the maker or the handbook. Never combine water with vinegar, detergent, or any other substance. Such an addition of extra cleaners can harm the robot mop and keep it from functioning properly in the future.
  • Completely empty the tank at the end of the cycle. If at all possible, avoid letting water sit in it as this can cause contamination, mildew, and other issues.
  • Some robotic mops have cleaning cycles they can run on themselves. Running the self-cleaning cycle after numerous cleaning sessions is a smart idea. Look for a Clean button on the robot mop or a menu item in the app. If your mop does not have a self-cleaning feature, you can check that the tank is clean and free of grime and slime by wiping it out with a moist towel.

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If your tank is lift-out, as some models are, you can remove it, fill it with warm water, and give it a good shake to clean it. Avoid using any soaps or other cleansers once again.

  • Robotic mops have charging stations, and many of those stations come with a drop tray to prevent water from spilling on the floor or next to delicate equipment. If your model has a drip tray, remove it after each cycle and wash it in the sink. Before you place it back on the charging station, let it dry completely.
  • Many robot mops can be cleaned with pads. There are many types of pads, therefore you must follow your specific cleaning recommendations. Some pads are disposable, so you should take them out and swap them out for new ones after a cleaning cycle or two. You’ll need to program regular washing cycles to wash some of them because they are washable.
  • Robotic mop navigation and obstacle avoidance also rely on sensors. Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the robot’s sensor regions after a few cycles. This procedure assists in removing dust that accumulates over time and can obstruct sensors and cause errors.
  • A hybrid mop type, such as the Roborock S7 or other like robots, has brushes on the bottom and sides that it utilizes to clean. Remove these brushes and clean them after each few cycles. If they are really unclean, run them under water and let them dry completely to get rid of any muck.

Similarly, hybrid vehicles could also require their filters cleaned or changed.

  • Keep in mind that not all stains and grime can be effectively removed by a robot mop. Do a thorough cleaning session with a mop once in a while to reduce the wear and strain on your robot mop. Afterward, your robot mop won’t have to take on tasks that are a little too big for it and may continue to keep your floor spotless at other times.
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