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To Be or Not To Be: ‘IDK? Decision Maker’ App Here to Help You Make Decisions

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“This or that?” A question that haunts us on a daily basis while we try to make decisions. Life is hard enough as it is, so the iPhone is here to resolve our problems.  Called “IDK? Decision Maker”, it is a new iOS app from developer Vlad Paraschiv. The app does exactly what the name suggests- it helps us make a decision. All you have to do is ask the app a question, and it will reveal a blank canvas. You need to enter your problem in the “What is your dilemma?” space, and add your pros and cons from the “Add your response” option. You can put more weight on the pros and cons in question by choosing between “Strong Con”, “Con”, Pro”, or “Strong Pro”. You may repeat the process multiple times for various arguments, and the app adjusts your decision’s overall “score” and displays the results overhead.  Also Read: How to Resolve The "Storage Full" Apple Watch Error? IDK? Decision Maker also saves all your decisions in a list on the main page, allowing you to revisit them with new arguments. You also have the choice to change the theme of the app, including a dog theme, heart theme, or donut theme. To top it off, the entire app is free too, and does not use your data. You can download IDK Decision Maker for free from the iOS App Store.

By Raulf Hernes

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