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Top Smartphone Tips & Hacks To Impress Your Loved Ones

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Become a phone wizard with these tips and tricks: Your smartphone can do some things which will make you surprised too. You will wonder why you had it and still didn't know it. Although these features are user-friendly, they are hidden, or you can say that you don't know them. You can make the most of your handset with these unique tips and tricks. Also, you can show off these high-flying tricks to your friends. Here are some handy tips that can make your handset more useful to you. Digitize your documents With the improved camera quality of smartphones, you don't require a scanner to upload your documents online. The three most famous applications are Evernote, Google Drive, and cam Scanners. So, you have to download the application on your phone and then capture the images with your camera on the phone. Now, you can upload it anywhere you want. Uninstall Apps You Don't Need Whenever you get a new phone, it comes with some preloaded applications. Most of them are necessary apps, and we use them frequently. However, a few apps are based on interest, and you might want to delete them. So you can tap on the icon of the application you want to delete, and it will give you an option of uninstalling, select that option, and your application will be deleted. Digital Well-being Feature We know what harms us; however, we tend to get lost in our phones while scrolling, and we don't keep track of time while scrolling our phones. So, there is an option for digital well-being. It allows you to consciously set the timings so that when you lose track of time, it can remind you.  Focus mode is another well-being feature that you can use. It silences the noisiest apps on your phone. Some phones also have a DND feature; you must turn on do not disturb mode to stay calm. Quickly Dial a Contact It's impossible to remember so many phone numbers, especially when you have a smartphone with you and it is synced with google drive.  One way is to go to the contact, click the call button, and the call will start. There is another way to do it, and it is short and easy. Suppose you have saved a number by the name of Brad, then you can start typing in the search bar, and it will come up. You won't have to scroll to find that name.  Enable Developer Mode Google hides the more advanced features inside this unique Developer Options. So, you will have to enable them manually to use the tricks such as animation speed change, allowing USB, etc. To enable it, you will first go to settings, click on About phone> Click on Builder Number>tap seven times on that option. You will get the message that you are a developer> now go back to the system settings> you will be able to see Developer Options> go into it> Enable USB debugging> reduce animation time, or I suggest turning it off.   Keep your Device safe. You do not require any tools from outside because you have the tools you need for security on your phone. You can keep your data stored on the phone safe if you lose your phone. To save your data, you can go to the Android Device Manager function to locate your Device in case of theft. You can also lock your phone and erase all data on it. To activate, follow the steps:-
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Security
  3. Device Administrations
  4. Android Device Manager
You can always visit android.com/devicemanager and access your lost phone, delete the data saved on it and lock your phone. Turn on the Swipe Input If you type with your fingers and thumbs letter by letter, let me inform you that there is an option for a built-in swipe input feature. That enables you to type faster. The android phones support third-party keyboard installations; however, using Swift Key is recommended for an advanced and compelling experience. To activate it, Go to settings> Keyboard and input methods> Choose Keyword> keyboard settings> Turn on swipe. Try Launchers/Android Themes Many devices, such as TouchWiz by Samsung, provide a custom user interface (UI). If you are an android user, you will be amazed to know that Android is famous for its ability to customize its UI.  You can download different launchers to enjoy an advanced leap to edit your Device's home screen & use the maximum productivity of the android device. Use Power Saving Modes Every phone has a power-saving mode that reduces the screen brightness and slows the CPU to increase the battery life. We all have a dedicated button for this feature.  To Activate it: Go to the settings> Battery> activate "power saving mode." Sometimes this option is present in the scroll down of the home screen. Restrict Background Data The more apps you use, the more energy and data it requires. However, when we close that app, it still used the data in the background. So, to stop this data wastage, we can use this feature. To activate it, go to setting>Data usage, the options menu, and select restrict background data option. After doing it, the unnecessary data consumption will be stopped.

By Awanish Kumar

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