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Toyota’s solid-state battery can go 900 miles on a charge, this technology could revolutionize EVs

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Toyota’s solid-state battery can go 900 miles on a charge, this technology could revolutionize EVs-GadgetAny
Toyota’s solid-state

Image credit : The Japan Times

The primary concern for first-time buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) revolves around their range. They often ask, “How far can I go on a single charge?”

While modern EVs typically offer a range of about 300 miles, it does mean more frequent stops at charging stations compared to filling up a gas-powered car, and charging can take some time. The potential solution lies in either improving the range or speeding up the charging process. Toyota claims to have made a significant breakthrough in battery technology to address the former.

At a technical briefing in early July, Toyota revealed that it has achieved a breakthrough in battery technology that could eventually produce batteries with an impressive 745 miles of range on a single charge. Moreover, the company aims to develop batteries that would give an electric car an astounding 900 miles of range.

However, it’s essential to note that this technology is still in its early stages, and there are various challenges and obstacles to overcome before it can become widely available. So, despite the promising advancements, it will take some time before these innovations translate into commercial electric vehicles.

Toyota bZ4X concept
Image credit : Automotive News Europe

What is a solid-state battery?

Solid-state batteries, the technology in question, differ from conventional batteries used in EVs and other devices. In solid-state batteries, the separator between the anode and the cathode also functions as the electrolyte. This leads to a more energy-dense battery, allowing manufacturers to fit more energy into smaller packages. Furthermore, solid-state batteries charge much faster, reducing waiting times at charging stations.

While solid-state battery technology has existed for some time, it has been expensive and challenging to manufacture, limiting its widespread use. Toyota claims to have simplified the production process, which could be a significant advancement for future electric vehicles.

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If this technology lives up to its potential, it could revolutionize the electric car industry. Toyota envisions producing cars with a range of up to 900 miles using this new battery technology by 2028. The first generation of these cars is expected to offer around 740 miles of range and be capable of charging in approximately 10 minutes. Additionally, they are expected to be safer since solid-state batteries do not use the flammable liquid solution present in current battery designs.

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