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‘Trolls call me chubby & send me death threats – but I don’t care I like my 36E boobs’

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‘Trolls call me chubby & send me death threats – but I don’t care I like my 36E boobs’-GadgetAny
Megan Carole

Influencers frequently use social media to display their natural attractiveness, regardless of what trolls have to say.

Megan Carole is a UK size 16–18 and wears a bra size 36E. She wants to inspire other people to value their bodies.

120,000 people follow the content producer on Instagram, where she promotes body positivity.
Despite being comfortable in her own self, the Oxfordshire-born actress has to deal with trolls frequently on a daily basis.Megan Carole

The 24-year-old is on a mission to encourage others to feel the same way after taking some time to accept their bodies in all their beauty.

Megan told Fabulous: “I can wake up one day and feel super confident but it’s also more that I’ve learnt how to accept my body.

“I’m not going to constantly be at war with my body, I’ve got one life, so I want to live life to the full, rather than bullying myself.”Megan Carole

Megan used to hide her thighs with baggy T-shirts and shorts when on vacation until she developed self-confidence.

The content producer doesn’t care how she looks today after starting her self-love journey in December 2019.

Everything started when she uploaded a raw photo to Instagram, which quickly became popular.

“If we hide our imperfections, it plays into the idea we should all be smoothed and airbrushed and small,” she added.Megan Carole

“But I do personally feel this is now changing and people are accepting what they have and are embracing it.”

Although it’s not always easy for her, Megan stated that sharing photos on Instagram has given her more body confidence.

Trolls who label her “fat” and those who urge her to commit suicide have to be dealt with by her.Megan Carole

Fortunately, the influencer doesn’t succumb to it because she occasionally shares the messages but never replies.

She continued: “I feel more in control not replying because I know they’re not getting the satisfaction of me biting.”

And despite all the negativity, Megan is happy with where she is today.

Megan Carole

The actress revealed: “Bodies are fascinating and I’m interested in what it does, rather than trying to make it be something it’s not.

“Not everyday is going to be a good day, you’re going to have days where you want to go 10 steps back.

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