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Twitch Is Testing Discovery Feed Similar To TikTok-Style Feed

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Twitch Is Testing Discovery Feed Similar To TikTok-Style Feed-GadgetAny

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Twitch is the latest tech company to try a way to browse material similar to TikTok. The company is testing a feature that shows clips in a new vertically-scrolling feed it calls the “discovery feed.” According to a post from Twitch on X, the feed will be out to “select users” on Tuesday.

Twitch content creators will be featured

You can see clips from Twitch creators on the feed. At first, only horizontal clips will be shown, but Twitch says that vertical clips will show up “as the feed evolves.” Currently, the discovery feed shows both “featured” and famous clips. Creators can mark which of their videos they’d like to add to the “featured” pool. If you want to see how the discovery feed works, watch this video.

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Twitch joins other platforms to launch a TikTok-like stream

Twitch is adding a style similar to TikTok, just like Spotify, Amazon, and Reddit. The streaming company announced the discovery feed in July as one of a few new clip-related features that would be coming soon. Other features include the ability to export clips straight to TikTok.

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The company revealed in July that it plans to add stories to Twitch, which is another feature from other social media networks.

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