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Twitter Circle Is Now Available To Everyone

(Image Credit Google)
Twitter Circle, a feature that allows users to limit tweets to a smaller audience, is now available to everyone. In May, the tech giant started testing its new Circle feature before introducing it globally to all users.  Twitter Circle is more like Instagram’s “close friends” feature, which allows you to share your posts with a smaller group of people. Also, you can connect up to 150 people to your Circle and determine who is in and who is out. When you want to send out a tweet that you might not want the entire Twitterverse to see, you can choose to share it with your Circle instead. You will find the option to share to your Circle when you open the tweet composer. Choose the dropdown menu at the composer's top, and then hit Circle. You can choose who you want to allow in your Circle by clicking the Edit button that pops up next to the option. Users won’t receive a notification when you add or remove them from your Circle. But those in your Circle will see a green badge that reads, “Only people in @[username]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet” underneath the posts sent to your Circle. The newly introduced feature can greatly help users gain a bit more control over their privacy without making their accounts completely private. However, content shared with your Circle is still liable to the platform’s community guidelines and doesn’t prevent other users from taking screenshots of your posts.

By Awanish Kumar

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