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Twitter Gets “NOTES” feature for Writers

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Twitter Gets “NOTES” feature for Writers-GadgetAny

Currently, Twitter limits its posts to 280 characters. However, a recent report reveals that Twitter is experimenting with a new “Notes” feature. It will enable users to share notes with up to 2,500 words. Additionally, the test will run for two months, involving a small group of writers based in Canada, Ghana, the UK, and the US. 

Twitter intends to add the “Notes” feature because many users post longer announcements to attract followers to outside newsletters. Hence, the new feature will keep the audience on the platform, allowing readers to see a headline and access the longer note via a link. 

Furthermore, writers have depended on Twitter to share their work and get noticed for a long time. However, they do everything from sharing to creating conversation than actually writing. Thus, Twitter plans to include the Notes feature to help them do that. 

Twitter experiments with the “Notes” feature

Interestingly, the Notes feature impending arrival comes after the company bought Revue, a Dutch newsletter start-up, last year. Twitter also announced that it would include Revue in the new Notes product. Hence, the writers will be able to embed gifs, images, etc., into long-form essays users can read on and off Twitter. In addition, they can even edit their notes after publishing them. 

Social media experts believe that Twitter’s move to add the Notes product will make it more suitable to compete with popular blogging platforms. In addition, it will attract a new audience and different types of users to the platform. And encourage existing users to blog on the platform instead of using other websites. 

What’s more

After a trial, Twitter increased the maximum number of characters for a post from 140 to 280 in 2017. But, it seems highly unlikely that it will make a difference in the quality of the platform. However, on the other hand, Twitter might be planning to announce significant changes after the Musk takeover. So, maybe, the Notes feature is a tiny teaser before the platform introduces those changes. 

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