Twitter reverts the update regarding embedded tweets

Twitter regarding embedded tweets

Last week, Twitter made a change concerning embedded tweets. As a result, deleted embedded tweets on third-party websites got blocked out, leaving a blank gap behind. In addition, one of the users, Kevin Marks, had also noted that Twitter was using Javascript for that purpose. The update on deleted embedded tweets also included tweets from suspended or banned accounts. Consequently, it greatly impacted news articles that included a reference to those deleted tweets for context. 

However, Twitter has now announced that the update to the deleted embedded tweets will reverse. As a result, instead of blank space, deleted embedded tweets on third-party websites will again display the tweet’s original text. 

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Remi Duhe, Twitter’s spokesperson, stated in an email that “we’re rolling back this change for now while we explore different options.” She revealed that the feedback provided by the users prompted Twitter to make this decision. She also extended gratitude on behalf of the company to those who shared their point of view regarding the change. 

Moreover, a third-party website with an embedded tweet will now show the tweet’s original text, date, and user’s name. In addition, the company’s response seems like the reverse of the update on the deleted embedded tweet is temporary. Likely Twitter might be looking for another way to display the deleted tweets. Hopefully, it will not lead to a complete blockage of any details concerning the deleted tweet. 

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