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Twitter Testing a Tag For Mobile Number Verified Accounts: Reports

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As per reports, Twitter is testing a unique tag that will be given to the account holder with verified phone numbers. However, it's unclear when Twitter will roll out this feature globally. Moreover, atwitter agreed to pay a $150 million settlement for inadequately using phone numbers and email addresses assembled for two-factor authentication. Twitter has had many people call for changes to how it recognizes accounts and what can be done to decide which ones are more legal than others. Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger with a history of uncovering upcoming features or those still in testing through reverse engineering tactics, informed through her tweet regarding the Twitter label. Twitter Is Testing New Labels for Bot Accounts and Automated Tweets She tweeted that the Twitter label would put a mark on accounts with a verified phone number. Further, she added that there is one more feature of showing views counts for tweets, which some users already have access to for their tweets under the label of "analytics." Although, she claimed that it's ambiguous if this view counts would be limited to the owner or visible to everyone. More often, linking an account to a number is one way to the pinnacle. It was created with more effort than the most specific macro and could be used to filter out which tweets appear noteworthy or make it through the various levels of quality filters. Twitter also allows people to have the same phone number corresponding with up to ten different accounts. At the same time, developers can label automated reports to let people know there isn't a human behind each post. Twitter Is Testing New Labels for Bot Accounts and Automated Tweets However, the verified "blue tick" accounts must already have a verified phone number or email address.  Also, CEO Jack Dorsey suggested plans to allow verification for everyone; he cited having people verify facts about themselves, which could've been similar to how services like Airbnb and Tinder use phone numbers as part of their account verification processes. However, motivating users to link phone numbers to their accounts and show the status means connecting that data becomes an issue, and people will follow it for reassurance. On August 5th, Twitter revealed the details of an incident that allowed hackers to discover 5.4 million account names associated with particular phone numbers and email addresses. Surprisingly from the company's main account, the privacy bug was introduced in a June 2021 update, wasn't reported to Twitter until January, and Twitter was not mindful of the information stolen until July when media reports exposed that someone was trying to sell the database.

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