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Blipbox music makers for kids by Playtime Engineering

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Blipbox music makers for kids by Playtime Engineering-GadgetAny
Blipbox music makers for kids by Playtime Engineering

Playtime Engineering, a San Francisco-based developer, unveiled two new Blipbox music makers for kids a week before the NAMM 2022. The NAMM Show is an annual music product trade event, the world’s largest trade-only event organized by the National Association of Music Merchants.

It focuses on music products, pro audio, and the event tech industry for domestic and international dealers and distributors. It takes place in Anaheim, California, at the Anaheim Convention Center. The NAMM 2022 will take place from June 3 to June 5. 

Furthermore, the new Blipbox music makers unveiled by Playtime Engineering are the SK2 synthesizer and the myTrack groovebox. Both the products are designed to help the youngest musically-inclined minds produce, record, save and share electronic beats and melodies. 

Blipbox music makers

SK2 synthesizer

SK2 synthesizer: It can generate more than 400 pre-recorded melodies, including chiptunes and orchestral, and flaunts a spacey surface detailing. Additionally, it contains multi-mode filters, 16 oscillator schemes, and stereo multi-tap delay functions. Furthermore, a signal flow diagram is printed on the unit’s front face. Plus, all the controls are easy to learn, even by beginners, so that they can discover new synth sounds. In addition, users can export their tracks via a one-fourth inch audio out and import new sounds through the MIDI In. Lastly, the Blipbox SK2 synthesizer, one of the two brand new music makers, will sell at $199 from November 2022. 


myTrack groovebox: It is a kid-sized multi-track sampling device using a 5×5 grid of play pads to trigger beats and sequences. Additionally, each of the 48 pre-included instruments applies to all the five available tracks. Plus, the process effects are controllable by the device’s physical levers. Interestingly, many advanced features of myTrack appear as dedicated, physical buttons instead of being submenu options. In addition, users can update the pre-packed sounds and sequences to new sets like an orchestra, hip-hop, jazz, rock, and EDM.

Most importantly, an in-built microphone enables users to explore the outside world to capture and modulate new sounds. In addition, the device has a 5-pin MIDI OUT port to connect to and control an SK2. Its USB-C port is also compatible with the USB MIDI in and out, and it’s easy to use with any Mac or Windows DAW. The Blipbox myTrack groovebox will sell at $249 in Q1 2023.

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