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US-India Relations Impacts The World: Indian FM S Jaishankar

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US-India Relations Impacts The World: Indian FM S Jaishankar-GadgetAny
India-US relationship today impacts rest of world: S Jaishankar

According to Indian External Minister S Jaishankar, the partnership between India and the US today has an impact on the rest of the globe because many nations turn to the alliance both bilaterally and individually in the hopes of finding the answers that the world is seeking in numerous areas.

Jaishankar emphasized that the visit was quite pleasant and he had some worthwhile meetings with the Ministers in the US while praising the bilateral talks as being solid, positive, and productive between India and the US.

He emphasized how, while not always agreeing on every detail of every subject, India and the US are able to coexist and work together.

S Jaishankar received a grand welcome at the Pentagon
S Jaishankar received a grand welcome at the Pentagon.

“I think our relationship today impacts the rest of the world. There are a lot of countries which look to us individually and bilaterally for some part of the betterment which they hope for solutions which the world is searching for in many respects,” Jaishankar stated during the news conference.

“That’s the sort of broad sense that I want to give you of a very solid, positive, productive bilateral conversation but framed in the context of larger global challenges where there was a very high degree of convergence on how we look at those challenges, we may articulate it a bit differently as we are oppositions and our priorities at some times will be different,”

“The good part of the relationship is today that we understand that we have to make space for each other and that we can work with each other even if we do not entirely agree on every aspect of every issue,” said Jaishankar.

In addition to this, the minister spoke with members of the US Congress about the ease of doing business in India and the state of the semiconductor industry.

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