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US Rape Suspect Flees Country Before Arrested at Scottish Hospital While Fighting COVID

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US Rape Suspect Flees Country Before Arrested at Scottish Hospital While Fighting COVID-GadgetAny
Nicholas Rossi

A Scottish judge has ruled that a guy in detention is a rape suspect that the U.S. officials were looking for in a sexual assault investigation. According to Sheriff Norman McFadyen, an Edinburgh judge, Nicholas Rossi, 35, is the suspected man seeking asylum in another country.

Reports state that Rossi is accused of raping a 21-year-old Utah woman back in 2008. He supposedly fled the United States for Scotland, where he started going by the identity of Arthur Knight. Additionally, he was receiving treatment for COVID pneumonitis at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow when Scottish police detained him. According to reports, hospital staff referred to him as “the sickest patient on the ward.”

Nicholas Rossi
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Furthermore, the International Criminal Authorities Organization (Interpol) alerted the Scottish police when it published images of Rossi and his tattoos. Rossi was apprehended after being recognized by medical professionals and police. According to reports, Rossi told officials that he was Knight, an Irish instructor and an orphan who had never been to the United States. He disputed the allegations of sexual assault and said that U.S. prosecutors were trying to frame him by placing him in a coma and giving him tattoos that matched the wanted suspect.

He said that an NHS worker named “Patrick” had taken his fingerprints to aid the United States in its alleged attempt to frame him. According to the BBC, McFadyen’s decision stated that Rossi’s assertions were “implausible” and “fanciful.” He commented on Rossi’s purported name changes, calling them “highly suspicious” and “consistent with someone who was hiding from someone or something.”

Additional details of this case

Miranda Knight, Rossi’s wife, said in court that her husband never appeared to be Rossi. According to BBC, his name is Nicholas Brown on their marriage certificate. Moreover, Rossi has employed six attorneys during the course of his legal dispute, and it is unclear who is still on his side and able to speak for him.

Nicholas Rossi
Image credit: economictimes

BBC also stated that Rossi was the subject of numerous extradition petitions from American prosecutors due to two allegations of sexual assault. He was first found guilty of sexually assaulting Mary, a lady he had met online, in 2008.

According to reports, U.S. authorities claim that Rossi is the alias of a man named Nicholas Alahverdian who was accused of raping a woman in Utah in 2008. As a result of Alahverdian’s failure to register as a sex offender, Rhode Island authorities have been seeking him. Federal officials claim that he is also facing fraud charges in Ohio, the state where he was found guilty of rape in 2008.

On another note, early in 2020, Alahverdian claimed he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma and would pass away in a matter of weeks. On February 29, 2020, an obituary was published in his honor. However, by 2021, Alahverdian’s foster family, the Rhode Island state police, and his former attorney made it apparent that they didn’t believe he had passed away.

Lastly, according to reports, Rossi’s (U.S. rape suspect) extradition hearing is scheduled to begin in March 2023. He was refused bail in the interim because McFadyen thought he posed a flight risk.

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