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Users are getting access to Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.0

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Users are getting access to Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.0-GadgetAny
Google Pixel 6a back view

The QPR1 Beta 3.1 version of Android 14 focuses on resolving problems and difficulties with the smartphone OS, primarily for Google Pixel smartphones, and is now available for everyone to download. 

The most recent Android 13 version is currently available for Pixel devices, and it will soon be made available to other manufacturers so they may adjust it to their UI. The latest update’s features are designed to focus on Pixel smartphones and the problems that were present in earlier business versions.


The QPR1 Beta 3.1, which provides testers and program participants with the most recent fix and version of the operating system for Android 13, was made available through Google’s Beta user program.  It is merely a slight improvement to beta version 3, which was issued in October to address issues that developers had with the earlier version.

Users have the option to opt-out of receiving the most recent updates from Google’s developer releases as well as join the beta program through the Android platform.

In December, Beta 4 would be the focus of the subsequent beta release.

Pixel 7 runs 64-bit Android, not 32-bit

The most recent Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 includes bug patches for the Pixel smartphones that focus on the following:

  • Fixed a problem where, occasionally, Pixel phones would display an inaccurate “Missed call” indication rather than “Call answered on another device” when a call was answered remotely by a Pixel Watch (in untethered mode).
  • Fixed a problem that prohibited some smartphones from having hotword activate Google Assistant.
  • Fixed a problem that prohibited some devices from supporting motion-based gestures like “Lift to check phone” or “Flip to Shhh.”
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally resulted in artefacts showing up when recording or watching videos on some devices.
  • Fixed a problem that occasionally led to the CarrierSettings app crashing on Pixel 6a smartphones when a SIM card was inserted.
  • Fixed the problem that made it impossible to use the “Go to browser” notification option while using an instant app.

The newest operating system for this year, Android 13, is accessible for all compatible devices that rely on Google’s technology to power their products and is focused on features for smartphones. 

With a focus on how users interact with the gadget, the business updated several functions and features in the devices.

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