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Users of the Polygon Blockchain Platform Increase 17,000% in 30 Days

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Users of the Polygon Blockchain Platform Increase 17,000% in 30 Days-GadgetAny
Polygon Blockchain

How Is Polygon Going After 1 Month Increased Over 80%? (Image credit- Coincu News)

According to the reports, the blockchain network platform Polygon has seen an unparalleled rise in active users, with a 17,000% spike in just 30 days.

The success of Polygon’s zero-knowledge rollup and BoomLand’s Hunters On-Chain game, as well as partnerships with significant businesses for NFT efforts and projects, are cited in the report as contributing factors to this increase.

The second-largest platform is now Polygon after Hive and BNB Chain, according to the most recent report.

With 138,081 UAWs, Polygon reported a 53% increase in unique active wallets (UAWs) in March. The only platform with more UAWs than Polygon is WAX, which has almost 314,000. The market value of MATIC, the native token of Polygon, is $10 billion.

Blockchain Platform Polygon Users Surge 17,000% in 30 Days! | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Planet IX, a strategy play-to-earn NFT game, and Hunters On-Chain lead on-chain activity on Polygon in the first quarter, according to the reports.

Around 550,000 gamers currently play on Planet IX, which has sold over 400 million NFTs. The game aims to spread awareness about humanity’s current impact on the world through its apocalyptic premise.

According to AFKGaming, the web3 version of the well-known mobile game Hunt Royale is called Hunters On-Chain and is a free-to-play RPG. Since becoming live on the test net last month, the game has seen a lot of growth and is now ranked among the best blockchain games.

Its popularity was further increased by a recent NFT sale on March 31, according to the reports, which noted a monthly on-chain usage spike of 15,497% for “Iskra” and “Hunters On-Chain.”

The report also mentioned that the increase in unique active wallets (UAWs) on the platform was a result of Polygon’s cooperation for NFT efforts and projects with major corporations like Adidas, Adobe, Reddit, Starbucks, and Warner Music.

Polygon Becomes Second Largest Gaming Blockchain After User Activity Surges  in March | Binance News
Image credit- Binance News

The zero-knowledge rollup offered by Polygon has also contributed to the platform’s popularity because it provides a speedy and affordable substitute for the high fuel fees typically associated with blockchain transactions. Due to this, the platform is now more appealing to users and developers alike.

According to the reports, the business also successfully launched Polygon’s open-source zero-knowledge rollup in March for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

It opens up greater performance while cutting network transaction gas costs, allowing DApps to grow through transaction batching.

NFL Rivals, a mobile game employing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and licensed by the National Football League (NFL), has reportedly been made available in early access on Google’s Android Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.

Players can take on the role of club general managers (GMs) in this fantasy football game, make plans, and go up against other teams to win games.

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Although NFL Rivals provides a free-to-play option, players may also buy, sell, and trade specific game characters, such as NFL players, via the online marketplace run by Mythical Games.


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