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Users Tricking DJI Drone No-Fly Zone Feature, Increasing Intrusions Over Washington

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Many operators are figuring out ways to get around the geofencing limitations placed on these drones so they can fly over prohibited zones. U.S. politicians are now raising worries about the growing drone intrusions over the Pentagon, White House, and Capitol. According to Politico, national security services even think that these drone incursions could result in foreign espionage. An unnamed government contractor said in the most recent Fox News article that numerous YouTube videos provide instructions on updating DJI's drone firmware. DJI Mavic 3 Classic On July 4, 2014, in Sydney, Australia, the specially constructed DJI s1000 Drone was used at Palm Beach. Regulators in Australia are concerned about safety, privacy, and security as a result of commercial and recreational UAV sales, but the business sectors of mining, farming, real estate, and sport are embracing the new technology. In addition, the software tweaking might enable DJI drones to bypass elevation ceilings and other prohibited activities. The government contractor explained that due to a specified no-fly zone, if you were to purchase a DJI drone from the store, it would not be able to fly over airports or particular localities. He continued by saying that because DJI drones have limiting limitations, those hovering over Washington, DC, are probably compromised or influenced. DJI Mavic Pro The American government has already charged DJI with having ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The communications manager for DJI Technology Inc., Arianne Burrell, asserted that the charges made by American officials are untrue. She clarified that DJI is a privately held business that receives no financial assistance from China. Burrell added that the manufacturer of drones is still dedicated to abiding by American laws and regulations. The DJI representative emphasized that because they care deeply about flight safety, they would adhere to U.S. policies. The DJI tech company is enhancing its goods even as the US government expresses alarm about the increasing drone intrusions over Washington, DC. The DJI Mavic 3 recently obtained an EU certification that increases its flying freedom. The business also unveiled the brand-new DJI FPV Drone Avata, an excellent model for amateur drone pilots.

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