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Using Emojis in Google Docs Now Become Easy

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Using Emojis in Google Docs Now Become Easy-GadgetAny

Earlier this year, Emojis were enabled by default on Google Docs. As a result, you can access them in Google Docs while you type over any message and click the “Add reaction” icon on the left-hand side of a document. 

Today, Google announced that a new shortcut is added to insert emojis in Google Docs, letting users quickly add emojis while writing. To get the benefit of this update in Google Docs, just type ‘@’ and the name of the emoji you want in the body of the text. Soon, you’ll get a list that you can also scroll through with arrow keys. Up/down is for quick browsing, while enter inserts your choice. 

Emojis in Google Docs


In addition, clicking the right button on the mouse twice will open up a full emoji picker that features Google’s standard grid and category grouping and search.

  • Type “@” and write the name of the emoji you want to insert, such as “@smile” 
  • Type “@:” or “:” to see a pull-down menu of emojis and the option to navigate to the entire catalog of emojis 

The new feature enables its user to create various possibilities by using emojis while writing, for instance, the ability to tag people, link documents quickly, make lists (checklist, numbered, bulleted), insert templates (meeting notes, email draft, product roadmap, review tracker), and much more.

Emojis in Google Docs


However, this Google Docs emoji insertion starts rolling out today, and we already see it on several accounts. But, it will be fully available over the coming weeks and is on by default:

  • Open to all Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers 
  • Available to users with personal Google Accounts 
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