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Valve Refuses To Endorse Steam Games That Use AI Artwork That Violates Copyrights

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Valve Refuses To Endorse Steam Games That Use AI Artwork That Violates Copyrights-GadgetAny
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This week, rumors started to spread that Valve wouldn’t be releasing games with art and other material made by AI. Kaci Aitchison Boyle, a spokeswoman for Valve, said that the company is not trying to “discourage the use of [AI] on Steam.” Aitchison Boyle said, “We encourage and welcome innovation, and AI technology is sure to give gamers new and exciting things to do.” Developers can use these AI technologies in their work if they have the right business licenses, but they can’t break any copyrights that are already in place.

A June post on Reddit by user potterharry97 led to rumors that Steam would stop putting out games with content made by AI.

AI and Copyright in Game Development

Valve’s rules for makers say they cannot put content in their games that they don’t own or have the right to use. In his post, potterharry97 noted that one of the games that were turned down had artwork made by artificial intelligence that seemed to be based on copyrighted work owned by third parties. AI technology has made new things possible, but it has also caused a lot of conflicts over things like open-source code that isn’t recognized and the copying of artwork that isn’t allowed.

Improvements to Valve’s Refund and Review System

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Valve needs to improve its review process so that it can handle AI-made content better and still follow copyright laws. The company has also said that developers whose games were turned down because of AI copyright problems can regain their app submission credits.  Valve wants to find a balance between supporting creativity and securing the rights of copyright holders. They plan to do this by clarifying their policies and ensuring developers know how important it is to respect copyrights.

Valve’s Policy and Its Effect

Valve’s choice to deal with AI-generated content and infringement of copyright is a big deal. Valve wants to avoid claims and protect the rights of people who own copyright by being vigilant. It also tells people to use AI in a responsible way and stresses how important it is to protect intellectual property rights. 

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What are your views on Valve’s new AI policy? Because it surely has a proactive approach which promotes ethical AI use in game creation. Share your views in the comments below. 

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