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Video Leak of Unboxing the Pixel 7 Pro by Gadgetful

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Video Leak of Unboxing the Pixel 7 Pro by Gadgetful-GadgetAny

A video of unboxing the Pixel 7 Pro was posted on FB by Gadgetful, a small tech shop from Bangladesh.

In the leaked video, you will notice an extra port in the rear camera which looks like an exclamation mark when looked sideways. And the G in Google symbol on the rear indicates that it may be a device nearing the production stage.

The packing materials resemble the Pixel 6 device with a “Welcome To Your Pixel” splash. Screen. Other than these above-said features, nothing else is mentioned, and even though the commenters are questioning, there is no response from the company.

Unboxing Pixel 7 Pro


Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are expected to hit the market by October. However, Google does not tell anything more about the phone than what we already know, as the design of the phone has already been showcased.

Google Pixel 7 Pro will match the Google Pixel 6 Pro in size with a front display of 6.71 inches and a triple-lens camera, just like its antecedent. In addition, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will have software updates. They will be powered by a second-gen Tensor chipset developed by Samsung and Google, but we will have to wait for the product launch to know the critical specification.

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