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Virtual Reality: Miraculously Effective in Controlling Pain!

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Virtual Reality will contribute more to the future of medicines as it reportedly helps control adults' pain VR can reduce patients' pain during wound care for burn injuries, lessen the ongoing low back pain, and soothes fibromyalgia discomfort by more than 30 percent, according to the study. Therapeutic Virtual Reality is a computer-generated technology in medicine that is used immensely worldwide. In order to ease your pain, doctors prescribed you to visit the VR world to reduce your anxiety and pain, even for discussing complex medical procedures. Virtual Reality

How VR therapy works

You have to put on a motion-sensing VR headset, and it feels like the outside environment vanishes. It is completely replaced with a 360 degrees virtual world where you move around, interact, and so on. Simultaneously, you will be distracted from chronic pain or stress and find yourself in a calm place or, for example, beneath the ocean, surrounded by dolphins. Also, you can hear the soothing sounds of nature like an echo of the underwater world and sounds of big mammals. However, the experience feels real, and it gives the ability to your brain a therapeutic power and potential to process the pain. Virtual Reality Brennen Spiegel, MD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said, "Even if you know intellectually that you're not at the beach, your brain can't live in two realities at once. So instead, the brain accepts [the input] it's given." He added, "VR also triggers strong emotions, and we are primed to learn things when they are tied to emotion." This miraculous sense of what scientists call "presence" in the virtual world makes it harder for the brain to focus on other functions, such as negative vibes like pain and anxiety. VR's emotional consultation gives to learning and opens up many other uses, from medical education to recovery from injuries and illness. Meanwhile, VR is still in its growing phase, and it focuses on the areas of the latest developments, including preventive healthcare, rehabilitation, assistive living, cancer therapy, and surgical training.

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