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Want to cancel app subscriptions in Google Play? – Details

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Want to cancel app subscriptions in Google Play? – Details-GadgetAny
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Users tend to forget the number of subscriptions they signed up for, which can get cumbersome. In addition, it sometimes shocks users to discover a low account balance since they don’t know how much subscription fees are automatically debited. Thus, Google allows Android users to cancel app subscriptions from the Google Play Store easily.

How to cancel an app subscription from Google Play Store?

There are two ways a user can cancel subscriptions in Google Play Store. The first is canceling on a PC or a Mac using Chrome. The second is through an Android device and the Google Play Store app. The former is the easiest method preferred by many users.

1. Cancel or Pause subscriptions via the web

cancel app subscriptions in Google Play

  • Open play.google.com on your device (PC or Mac) on Chrome
  • Log in to your account and head to My subscriptions on the bottom left menu on the screen
  • Search the subscription you wish to cancel and click on Manage
  • After that, click on Cancel Subscription
  • A pop up will appear asking you why you want to cancel the subscription, which you can skip
  • Then, confirm again by clicking on Cancel Subscription

Interestingly, users also have an option to Pause a subscription through this method. The subscription can be resumed in the future whenever the user wants.

2. Cancel subscriptions via the Google Play Store app

cancel app subscriptions in Google Play

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone
  • Tap the profile photo and open Payments & Subscriptions from there
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Find and select the one you wish to cancel 
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom
  • Confirm Cancel Subscription after skipping the survey pop up

Unfortunately, there is no Pause option in this method. 

Why should a user cancel app subscriptions?

Why wouldn’t one want to cancel an app subscription? Almost every app asks a user to subscribe for unlocking certain functions and features. Frankly, that is not bad unless users have a bunch of app subscriptions that they are unaware of. Additionally, sometimes these apps are not beneficial for users after using them once or twice for a particular purpose. As a result, these apps remain dormant on a mobile phone, regularly cutting a chunk out of a user’s account.

Users can cancel only certain subscriptions through these methods

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So, here’s the thing, subscription fees paid through Google Play Store billing are the only ones that show up on a Google account. And subscriptions paid directly by a debit/credit card do not appear on the Play Store account. Hence, using Google Play Store billing makes it easier to track active app subscriptions. In addition, it also shows what amount a user is paying for which plan of that app subscription. Plus, users can also view through which account or card they are paying. 

Once users cancel an app subscription, its services are still accessible until the next payment date. And, if a user wishes to subscribe again, they can do so via the app. 

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