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Want to Help The Planet? Add These Green Tech To Your Home

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Your small and thoughtful efforts can help save the planet. Make your home a Green Tech by following simple steps using a smart thermostat, installing smart light bulbs and plugs, and reusing old tech devices. Your smallest efforts can help reduce your environmental carbon footprint and save the Earth's resources if you want to help the planet. There are many ways to add Green-tech to your home, which is one step towards the well-being of our planet. So what is Green Tech all about? Green-tech merges technology with science, inventing eco-friendly products. It helps recycle everyday household products to minimize energy consumption, resource wastage, or pollution that adversely affects the environment. Green Tech for Your Home You don't have to burn your pockets purchasing new technology to go green. Instead, you start using your tech devices intelligently to conserve your resources. For instance, replacing ordinary light switches with motion sensor switches help save electricity. In addition, think about how companies manufacture the products you purchase. For example, eco-friendly paints don't use harmful chemicals during their production, reducing greenhouse gases. Icynene derived from castor oil is another eco-friendly product that can insulate your home. Check out the brilliant ideas that can help make a difference. Use Smart Energy Helpers Energy helpers connect with your smartphone app and help you track your connected devices' consumption. You can use them while constructing your new house, check for natural lighting and composting services in your apartment, or transform your home into an affordable green tech house. Smart Thermostat Smart Thermostat You can pre-set a smart thermostat or manage it on your smartphone app controlling your house's energy consumption when you are on the go. It is better than manually operated devices that require your presence throughout the day. Smart Light Bulbs and Plugs The virtual assistant-controlled, programmable smart bulbs use 7 to 9.5 watts of power to brighten up your space with the same luminosity as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Then, by simply tapping on your smartphone, you can turn the light on/off or dim them from anywhere. Similarly, smart plugs help you manage your electronics and save considerable energy. Online TV-Video Streaming Online TV-Video Streaming Cable boxes and DVRs stay plugged in, recording your favorite TV shows to watch when you return home, frequently using energy. However, streaming TV series, videos, and movies from apps like Apple TV, Roku, or Firestick solve the issue as they can save content in the cloud for later access. Recycle or Upcycle Your Old Gadgets Repurpose your old laptops into home security monitors, upcycle your unused Android phone into your TV remote control or convert your old iPad into a smart recipe book. Besides, creative upcycling is fun and prevents filling up landfills. You can even exchange them with major retailers and avail of their offers. Eco-Friendly Ways of Charging Devices Solar-powered chargers, car chargers, PCs, and Energy Star-certified charging units are the best substitutes for electric charging and are popular too. Green Tech home is the most promising idea that helps save the planet from the simple steps you take to save energy.

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