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3 Best Ways To Record an iPhone Call

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3 Best Ways To Record an iPhone Call-GadgetAny
Using the Rev Call Recorder app record an iphone call

Are you looking for a way to record an iPhone call so you can listen to it afterward? Given the potential legal ramifications Apple could encounter, there is sadly no native functionality or program that makes it simple to do that. But fortunately, there are a few solutions to overcome that difficulty.

Here are three ways to record a call if you have authorization from the party on the other end (if you don’t, depending on where you live, you could be breaking the law!).

1. Using the Voice Memos app

There are a few methods you can record phone calls from your iPhone if using an external device and a recording app is something you feel comfortable doing. For instance, you can record your conversation using your phone’s speaker option if you have a second iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, and the free Voice Memos app (or any other free recording program).

Using the Voice Memos app record an iphone call

Normally preinstalled, Voice Memos is also available for free download from the App Store if necessary. Here’s how to use it –

  • First, make sure your iPhone and the second device are as close as you can get them (Note: Remember you’ll be using it as a speakerphone).
  • Before you begin the call, click the red record icon in the Voice Memos app.
  • On your iPhone, be sure you tap Speaker so that the Voice Memos app can hear and record the discussion. In addition, for the app to pick up sound more effectively, it’s a good idea to turn the phone volume up as much as possible.
  • Once the phone call is over, press the red record button once more.
  • You can then send the file to yourself through text message, email, Google Drive, or AirDrop. Simply tap the file, click the button with three dots next to it, and then select where you want to share it.

2. Using the iOS Google Voice app to record an iPhone call

You can download the Google Voice app if you don’t want to use an extra device. Then, you can make free calls and record them using the Google Voice app, but you’ll need to have a Google Voice number to do so. Furthermore, the drawback of this is that you can only record incoming calls, not outgoing ones. Here’s how –

Using the iOS Google Voice app to record an iPhone call

  • From the App Store, download the Google Voice iOS app.
  • If you are using Google Voice for the first time, you must select a free phone number and specify the device from which you wish to place the call.
  • Navigate to the Settings page in the Google Voice app. Then, turn on the Incoming call options under Calls.
  • Once the call has begun and everyone is on it, press the number 4 on the keyboard to begin the recording. The app will announce that the recording is starting.
  • To stop the recording, you can either hang up or press the number four on the keypad.
  • You’ll receive a pop-up from Google Voice with the recording after you end the call. If not, you can also go to the Voicemail tab and look for the recording there.

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3. Using the Rev Call Recorder app

As an alternative, you can record a call on your iPhone using the free Rev Call Recorder app from the App Store. Moreover, Rev Call Recorder circumvents the problem of recording by joining a three-way call as the third party, meaning that when you use Rev Call Recorder, you will be sharing a call with the other party as well as Rev’s service. Here’s how to use it –

Using the Rev Call Recorder app record an iphone call

  • From the App Store, download the Rev Call Recorder app.
  • When prompted, enter your cell phone number and then confirm it with the verification code you receive in a text.
  • Click the call phone button after that. Then, enter the phone number and choose “Start Call.”
  • As soon as the call is over, you can access the recording from the main menu.
  • To share it using the service of your choice, click the square Share icon to the left of Transcribe.
  • Tap on Share Recording and select where you wish to share the recording.

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