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Wear OS 4 is working to introduce Material You to smartwatches

(Image Credit Google)
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth 40 mm (Image credit Samsung) The Pixel Watch was one of our favorite Wear OS smartwatches, but it was unable to escape the reality that at the time of its release, its design aesthetic was already antiquated. The watch presently uses Wear OS 3.5, which is based on Android 11, hence it is unable to utilize Material You theming found in Android 12. All of that might soon change as Google plans to introduce Material You to Wear OS 4. At this year's Google I/O, Google unveiled Wear OS 4, which would be based on Android 13. However, XDA claims that this version will include more than just system improvements because Wear OS 4 will finally get Material You. It's odd that this design update wasn't discussed at the presentation yesterday; perhaps this is because Material You is already ingrained in the look of Android. [caption id="attachment_172137" align="aligncenter" width="980"]Wear-OS-4 Image credit : Droid Life[/caption] Although Material You themes are included, it's not obvious how configurable they will be. In their testing, XDA was unable to alter the available colors, indicating that Google is still working on bringing Material You to Wear OS 4. It's likely that the finished output will generate a complementing color akin to how it does on phones, although it's unclear if the color will match your watch face or your phone's wallpaper. Also read : iPhone 15 Confirmed to Feature USB-C Port: Here’s What You Need to Know Sometimes a fresh theme is insufficient. Google and Samsung are working together to develop an XML format that would greatly aid in making watch face design simpler while also enhancing the quality of watch faces. The software update, which is scheduled for release later this year, might also include some new hardware. According to rumors, Google may introduce the Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel 8 series together in the autumn, just in time for Wear OS 4.

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