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What Does the Audi Activesphere EV Concept's Hybrid Coupe and Pickup in One Body Bring?

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Audi has unveiled the "Activesphere," the latest in a new line of concept cars with names ending in "-sphere" that focus on various themes. It is an electric vehicle with a hybrid or crossover body that displays its coupe style and the ability to tote a scaled-down pickup truck bed on its back. https://www.gadgetany.com/news/by-2025-nissan-might-market-a-mid-size-electric-pickup-truck-similar-to-the-frontier/ The Audi Activesphere is the fourth model in the German luxury automaker's "Sphere" line, and it introduces a city and an off-road vehicle for any requirement. The Audi "active sphere" electric vehicle concept introduced the world to the company's goals, and one of its most recognizable features is its body, which could be used as either a raised coupe or a small pickup. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Audi Activesphere EV Concept: Hybrid Coupe, Pickup, in One Body—What Does  it Bring? | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] For this series, the corporation still aspires to clean energy mobility, which would satisfy many wants and requirements without worrying about damaging the environment. The car can go off-road in addition to having a flexible body that can convert its coupe trunk into a relatively tiny pickup truck bed. The car has a Quattro electric drive, which produces 409 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, according to Audi. The active sphere has a unique interior with nearly no physical screens left, including the gauges and clusters, which is another amazing feature. According to concept photographs from Audi, the steering wheel is also gone, and the vehicle would be entirely driverless. According to Audi, the floating display will be accessible through a mixed-reality headgear that will focus on AR and VR technology for its commands and information about the vehicle. In other words, rather than the clusters, the mixed-reality experience will deliver all of the information from the car.

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