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What happened today on May 4th in history

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Image credit : Wikipedia May 4, 1995

Commodore Purchased by a German Company

Escom AG, a German electronics business, spent $10 million to acquire Commodore Electronics Ltd.'s trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property. Commodore, a pioneer in the personal computer sector, stopped production in 1994 and filed for bankruptcy. Escom AG intended to resume manufacturing Commodore personal computers, including the Amiga, the company's most recent model. Later, the business sold its Amiga rights. Businessman Jack Tramiel established the Commodore computer corporation in West Chester, Pennsylvania (1955–1994). Tramiel first sold and fixed typewriters before being known for his aggressive business approach, keen eye for new markets, and colorful remarks. However, his Commodore Business Machines business later expanded into other industries, such as the manufacture of electronic calculators. The first of Commodore's numerous commercial disasters occurred when electronics companies started producing their own calculators in the 1970s, and the company came dangerously close to going out of business. However, they took note of their mistake and copied the rivals by acquiring MOS Technology, a manufacturer of electronics with a focus on computer chip design. Commodore was able to reduce production costs while maintaining quality with this move. Additionally, it attracted talented engineers like the illustrious Chuck Peddle, who created the enormously well-liked 6502 CPU. It had a lower price than competing CPUs and served as the foundation for the whole 8-bit home computer line produced by Commodore in the 1970s and 1980s. The PET 2001 was a home/business/educational computer that was released by Commodore soon after purchasing MOS. Unlike other computers of the time, the PET 2001 had a processor, keyboard, monitor, and cassette storage all built into a single unit. It gained popularity right away, and Commodore continued to release new models that had more memory, better keyboards, and better screens. These PETs, which are easily recognized by their distinctive white boxes and green screens, are still used as background props in vintage television shows and films. [caption id="attachment_169200" align="aligncenter" width="676"]commodore-pet-vintage-computer-3d-model Image credit : CGTrader[/caption] The VIC 20, the first widely accessible color computer and the first to sell one million units, was introduced by Commodore in 1981. Its successor, the C64, was even more successful, and more than 30 years later, it is still the most popular computer ever sold. With its Amiga line of multimedia computers, Commodore continues to push the limits of low-cost high-tech, impressing 1980s computer purchasers. Even so, Commodore never again saw the popularity of their early years despite their ongoing innovation. Also read : Now, The Commodore 64 Is A Two-factor Authentication Device By 1994, Commodore had been forced into voluntary liquidation by boardroom squabbles, Tramiel's dwindling control over his business, the ups and downs of the home computer market, and the new PC standard. Escom (1995–1996), Tulip (1997–2004), Yeahronimo Media Ventures Inc. (also known as Commodore International Corporation or Commodore Holdings B.V. (since 2005)), Commodore Gaming (2007), and Commodore USA (2010–2012) purchased Commodore and its brand names, including C64 and AMIGA. Commodore computers are being used and developed on in 2019 by enthusiasts. The Commodore brand conjures up pleasant memories of the height of personal computing for many people.

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