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What Is Alexa Together And How To Use It?

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What Is Alexa Together And How To Use It?-GadgetAny
Alexa Together

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If you own an Echo device, then you can use Alexa Together which is a one-of-its-kind premium feature that is developed keeping in mind the family that resides in different places. The program is an affordable way to take care of old members of the family.

The Alexa Together feature is easy to use as it is built on Echo OS and it is amazingly adaptable. Alexa Together, which is accessible via the Alexa app and implemented with a single Echo device, enables real-time activity monitoring and notifications to family members, as well as a number of Remote Assist capabilities, like services for the dear ones such as the ability to generate reminders and set up streaming services.

Amazon launches Alexa Together caregiver service on Echo devices - CNET

Photo Credit: CNET

Alexa Together can do a load of things and you will get to know the fundamentals of how to get the platform started and understand its features.

To use Alexa together, what device do you need to have?

The only other equipment required for the person receiving remote care is the Alexa app and one Echo device that is preferably an Echo Show, so the family members and the caregivers can use capabilities like Drop In to remotely check in on loved ones through a video call. But, for the best outcomes, it’s advisable to have a variety of Echo devices scattered across the user’s home, in that way, your loved one can simply engage with Alexa without having to navigate to a specific area of their home.

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Is setting up Alexa complicated?

Ideally, the person receiving the remote care and the person providing it, needs to have two individual Amazon accounts for a single Alexa Together  device for installing it. The caregiver can set the Amazon account in case the dependent is unable to create it.

The caregiver can buy the device and get it shipped to their own address but will have to make sure that the gift option is chosen so that the Echo hardware does not get synced to the caregiver’s account.

So once the caregiver receives the Alexa Together device, the process of setting up is quite similar to any Echo product but has two differences:

  • The logging in will be done using the person receiving remote care’s Amazon account.
  • The dependent’s WiFi information will be entered in the Echo device but no actual connection will be made.

5 ways Alexa Together helps care for aging loved ones - Reviewed

Photo Credit: Reviewed-USA Today

Steps to get Alexa Together started:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Network
  • Add a network
  • You will need to enter the dependent’s network information
  • Save

All you need to do once the dependent has received their Echo device is to activate the Alexa Together plan:

  • Go to the Alexa Together page
  • Clicking the Start 30-Day Free Trial button
  • Enter your payment information for the plan
  • Select Activate Alexa Together

After this process, you must specify whether you are the caregiver or the person receiving assistance. If you are the caregiver, enter the Amazon email address and dependant’s name to get invited to Alexa Together. The dependant will have to open the email and will be prompted to confirm some basic information and provide an address for Urgent Response workers.

Important features offered by Alexa Together

  • Remote assistance
  • Alert customization and activity feed
  • Emergency service availability 24/7 and also detects if any falls

Alexa Together is helping bridge the miles between families

Photo Credit: About Amazon

What is the cost of Alexa Together?

You get a 30-day free trial and there on if you wish to continue the service, you will have to pay$20 for a month or $200 annually and another combo offer at $130 by Amazon is a free trial of Alexa Together and Echo Show 8. It is beneficial if the caregivers have an Alexa device like the Echo Show for Drop In purposes, but all they really need is access to the Alexa app.

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