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What is Google Home? Does Google Nest Work With Google Home?

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Photo Credit: The Verge With Google Home, you can control all the smart devices in your home, it is like the body’s CNS (central nervous system)  the house. From security cameras to smart speakers, Google Home controls all. Google Home is capable of doing so much but working it is easy. All you need to get started is to download the app from the app store on your smartphone and connect to the device you need to set it up with.

How can you start using Google Home?

To use Google Home, firstly, you need a device that works with Google Home like Nest Hub Max along with a Google account and Google Home app. Google Home app helps you set up and add information like where the home location for updates on your area. Google Nest Hub review: Google's Nest Hub smart display is still great - CNET Photo Credit: CNET To increase Google Home’s functionality, other apps too can be connected like Spotify, Google Photos etc through which you can listen to music from the device and send photos to the display. Also Read: Friends or Foes: Can Google Home and Alexa Work Together?

Does Google Nest Work With Google Home?

Google bought Nest which is a smart ecosystem a couple of years ago and synced it with all its devices. One of the smart home devices from Google is Google Nest which is made specifically to work with Google Home. It comprises smart lighting, smart speakers, smoke detectors, smart displays, thermostats etc.

What are the devices compatible with Google Home?

Initially, lighting and speakers were the only few devices that were automated but today, there are a hundred devices that are Google Home compatible.Advances in connectivity and artificial intelligence have broadened that spectrum to cover a far broader and more diverse range of items. Using geofencing, you can control the smart thermostats automatically by keeping your home cold or heated and at the same time it can be done manually too. You can see who is at your door from anywhere in the world with a smart doorbell that is Google-Home enabled given the connection is available. The smart cameras help you keep a check on your home’s surroundings as well as interiors. You can lock and unlock your windows and doors from anywhere and the Robot vacuums can be controlled using Google Home. Smart plugs can even manage non-smart gadgets by supplying or removing power. Google Home web app starts rolling out to view Nest camera feeds Photo Credit: 9to5 Google

Does Google Home Work Better With Google Nest devices?

Google Nest devices are not required for your Google Home smart home. The Google Home system will function with any device that is Google Home-enabled. Google has also begun adding Matter compatibility to a number of first-party products, including the majority of the Nest portfolio. This interoperability standard enables other Matter devices that aren't natively compatible with Google Home to work with the software. The Matter product line is tiny but growing, and it is positioned to become a major component of smart homes in the coming years. Also Read: You Can Add Gadget That Supports Matter To Google Home In This Way

Google Home Routine

The set of commands that are used with Google Home is called Routine and in case you have not done this before, the app guides you through the process. While many processes just require a single command, you may want to have numerous things happen as a result of a single command. You can select what triggers the routine, whether it's a trigger phrase, a specified time of day, or the activation of an outside motion sensor. With just a single command, you can get work done without you moving from your seat like setting a romantic mood, you can dim the light to candlelight and play a romantic number. You can change these commands at any time to suit your needs.

What Are the purposes Google Home can be used for?

You can have a favorite playlist from Spotify,  TuneIn, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio or Pandora by using basic voice commands. You can surf the web or launch shows by just inquiring if you have a Chromecast with Google TV or a Google Home-compatible television. Instead of looking up on your phone, you can ask Google Assistant for any answers. You can even set up a routine that provides you with the weather and traffic report at a predetermined time each morning while you drink coffee from the coffee maker that Google Assistant began at the predetermined time. Google Assistant | Teneo Developers Photo Credit: Teneo Developers You can set up routines so that Google Home switches on the lights even when you are away for home security. It can put on a light when there is a suspicious activity giving a feeling that there is somebody at home and add the sound of a dog barking, your home is secure. Google Home is your personal assistant who will assist in every house chore. If you want to simplify and automate your home, Google Home is the right choice for you as it simplifies your chores by using right commands and its great if you are already owning some smart devices.

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