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What Not to Vacuum?: A Guide to Protecting Your Vacuum & Your Home

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source: Dreame Vacuum cleaners are a common household item that make cleaning a breeze, but not everything is suitable for being sucked up by these machines. Despite their usefulness, there are certain things that you should avoid vacuuming to protect your vacuum cleaner and avoid potential hazards. Here are some things to watch out for. Firstly, never vacuum liquids with a regular vacuum cleaner. This may seem obvious, but accidents can happen, and it's easy to forget when using cordless vacuums. Liquids can cause serious damage to vacuum cleaners and lead to mold growth inside the bag or container. Therefore, it's best to always wipe or mop up liquid spills before using a vacuum cleaner, unless you have a specialized vacuum that can handle spills. Secondly, avoid vacuuming fireplace ashes, as well as soil and coffee grounds, with a regular vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming ash from a fireplace may seem like a great way to clean the fixture, it is crucial to use a specialized ash vacuum. The particles in ash are small enough to slip through a vacuum's filter and can obscure still-hot embers, which can cause damage to the vacuum cleaner or even start a fire. Similarly, soil and coffee grounds can be wetter than you think, causing liquid-related issues. Thirdly, do not vacuum sharp or pointy objects like glass or needles, as they can damage the inside of the vacuum cleaner. Even if you are using a bagless vacuum cleaner, sharp objects can still cause internal damage. Therefore, it is best to sweep up sharp objects instead. A squeegee can be used to ensure that all sharp objects are collected. source: Learning Center Fourthly, it is not advisable to vacuum loose powders from makeup. The fine particles can damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner or escape back into the air, making it difficult to clean up. Additionally, vacuuming makeup stains may not be effective. Instead, it is best to clean them with dish soap and cool water from the start. Also Read: Do Not Try This Steam Deck "RGB Mod" Lastly, if a mess is big enough to sweep, always opt for that instead of vacuuming it up. While there are specialized vacuums designed for messes like ash or liquid, if you had one, you would already know. It is not worth risking your expensive vacuum cleaner or your safety to save a few seconds of effort. While vacuum cleaners are a great tool for cleaning, there are certain things that you should avoid vacuuming to protect your vacuum cleaner and prevent potential hazards. By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner and make cleaning a safer and more effective process.

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