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What Tesla Top Execs Told Gigafactory Employees About Future Plans

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What Tesla Top Execs Told Gigafactory Employees About Future Plans-GadgetAny

Chris Lister, the former Vice President of Gigafactory Operations left Elon Musk’s clean energy and electric vehicle businesses. Hrushikesh “Hrushi”, Sagar promoted as the Gigafactory Supervisor, according to audio from a Thursday meeting and documents that were shared with CNBC. Sagar will report directly to Elon Musk, and will also oversee Tesla’s Fremont, California vehicle assembly plant.

Sagar spoke to hundreds of Gigafactory workers on Thursday about changes in management, performance reviews, milestones and new goals for the factory. He also shared some details about Tesla’s progress outside of Berlin, Germany, in Austin, Texas.

Sagar briefly addressed Lister’s departure, saying that “I really appreciate what Chris Lister did here, Chris’s contribution. I’m very thankful, like Elon, and Tesla is very thankful, for his contribution, but at the same time now we are moving on to the next phase.”


The Gigafactory is home to workers who make battery packs and powertrains for Tesla’s electric cars. They also sell big backup batteries, Megapack and Powerwall, which are sold by Tesla Energy division.

Sagar, who celebrated the fact that Tesla produced around 134,000 cars at its Fremont, Calif. factory in the second quarter 2022, said that August was a record month for Fremont in terms production. He stated that the Fremont factory can now produce around 12,000 cars per week and is working towards 14,000.

He also stated that Tesla’s Brandenburg, Germany team recently reached a milestone in producing 1,000 cars per day on a continuous seven-day basis. Musk visited the German factory recently and stated that the company plans to increase production to 5,000 cars per week by 2022. Reno initially sent drive units to Germany as part of that effort.

In terms of the facility itself, Jackson touted a new, advanced water treatment facility that Tesla is building on site.

“This is to going to eliminate the discharge of our site process water, or wastewater, and it’s going to allow for 98% water recycling and evaporation,” he said. “It’s a huge thing, it’s aligned with our mission.”

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