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What To Await From The Next Apple Event: iPhone 14 Expectations

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An iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to offer three key features: A customizable always-on display, a 48-megapixel rear camera with a larger sensor, and a screen with fewer camera cutouts. There are rumors that the speaker and camera will have separate cutouts when the screen is off but will form a long pill shape when the screen is on. As a result of the extra space between the two cutouts, Apple will make the privacy indicators for the camera and microphone more prominently displayed, so users can better understand what's being accessed. In addition, some of Apple's Camera app's controls will be moved to the top of the screen, while others will be located beneath the cutout to optimize it for its Pro devices. iphone 14 In addition, the phone should have an upgraded A16 processor and two new colors: blue and deep purple. A faster 30W charger is rumored, along with 256GB of storage, up from 128GB in previous Pro and Pro Max models. Also rumored are slimmer bezels and bigger batteries for the Pro line. Apple may use this list of new features to justify a rumored price hike for its higher-end iPhones. There aren't many significant changes in the standard version of the iPhone 14. However, Apple's iPhone 14 Max - if it's called that - is expected to introduce a larger 6.7-inch display to the non-Pro model. There will only be two Pro models with the A16 processor, while the 14 & 14 Max will remain with the A15. In addition, rumors suggest the iPhone 14 will come with satellite connectivity, which could be helpful in emergencies without cellular service. In February, satellite company Globalstar acquired 17 new satellites "to provide continuous satellite services to a potential customer," which some speculate is Apple. Also, "Far Out" event branding could hint at this possibility.  What rumors tell about the upcoming Apple series 8, SE, And Pro A new rugged "Pro" model designed for extreme sports athletes is set to be launched alongside Apple Watch Series 8 and a refreshed SE. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that next-generation watches will come with a new S8 chip, but the performance won't be much better than S7 and S6 chips. Apple will not include a way to monitor your blood pressure just yet. Still, the device may come with a temperature sensor to detect if you have a fever, as well as fertility tracking capabilities. iPhone 14 pro  As for the new Apple Watch SE, it is expected to replace the budget Watch Series 3. In addition, the 2020 SE model will likely come with the same S8 chip, an upgrade over the S5 chip. On the other hand, other massive changes in the store are expected to retain the same display size as the current SE.  Accordion to the rumors about the Apple Watch Pro, Gurman believes it could come with a larger 2-inch display that's more shatter-resistant. Also, it may be a sport metal case rather than the previously hinted at rubberized exterior. Japan-based Mac Otakara adds more color to these Rumors that the Pro model might come with a flat-edged display with a more significant 47mm case. It may be unfit for the older watch bands.  iPhone 14 We are not expecting the initial variation of this watch to come with satellite connectivity; Gurman believes that the future model of the pro watch might have satellite features, which the company has reportedly internally discussed. However, Gurman expects its cost from $900 to $999 even not having the satellite features. 

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