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What You Need to Know About US Military's Purchase of V-22 Ospreys

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Military Quietly Stops Buying Ospreys as Aircraft Faces an Uncertain Future (Image credit- Military.com)
The V-22 Osprey is a magnificent display of engineering brilliance, and the tale of its protracted, arduous development is one that will inspire. The Osprey has emerged as one of the most effective and dependable military aircraft in history after nearly two decades of testing, production, and service. The amazing tale reportedly started in the 1980s with the Joint Services Advanced Vertical Lift Aircraft project, according to the reports. The goal of this ambitious project was to create a flying machine that could take off and land vertically while yet maintaining the speed and altitude of a fixed-wing aircraft. The project's engineers faced tremendous setbacks, including many tragic crashes, during the course of nearly two decades of work. The team persisted though, and in 1999 they were able to produce the MV-22. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="820"]US Military to Buy V-22 Ospreys: Here's What You Need to Know | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] The Air Force acquired its first Osprey in 2006, and the Navy acquired its first one in 2020, after the Marines. Ospreys have logged over 600,000 flight hours and are currently in use in over 400 different countries. Even though the Pentagon has stopped purchasing new Ospreys, their work is far from over. Plans to fly them for many years are still in place for the Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown Jr. reportedly made a statement regarding the cost of purchasing additional CV-22s. The V-22 Osprey has grown significantly in value for U.S. military operations since it was made fully operational and has been deployed to a number of areas, including the Middle East, Latin America, and the Pacific. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2151"]Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey - Wikipedia Image credit- Wikipedia[/caption] In the Middle East, Osprey has been employed for hostage rescues, resupply flights, and even people transfer. For operations involving drug interdiction and reconnaissance, it has been utilized in Latin America. The V-22 Osprey's Versatility: A Special Platform for New Capabilities Even humanitarian missions involving the delivery of food and medical supplies as well as the evacuation of US nationals from conflict zones and disaster zones have been carried out with the Osprey. The V-22 Ospreys are covered in greater detail in a post by Boeing. Also read: China Stealing US Former fighter pilots, bribing them to spy for China According to Matthew Wilkerson, a retired Marine Corps officer with knowledge of Osprey operations and employment, it is also a flexible platform for future capabilities. He continues by saying that Osprey holds potential for the deployment of cutting-edge unmanned aircraft systems and enables the U.S. military to land in remote locations fast and discreetly.  

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