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WhatsApp finally lets you edit messages within 15 minutes

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WhatsApp finally lets you edit messages within 15 minutes-GadgetAny

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A long-overdue feature for WhatsApp is now being rolled out to all users. You’ll be able to edit messages that you’ve already sent as of right now. As you only have 15 minutes to fix a mistake or add an emoji you initially forgot to include, you’ll need to move quite quickly.

WhatsApp Typo Fix
Image credit : WhatsApp

Long-press on a message that has already been sent, then select Edit from the menu to make changes. After you send a message, you can amend it, and the term “edited” will appear next to the time stamp. The message’s edit history won’t be visible to anybody else in the chat, but they will be aware of it. According to WhatsApp, everyone will be able to use the function in the upcoming weeks.

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Here, WhatsApp is lagging behind other messaging platforms. Users of the iPhone, iPad, and iOS 16 have had the ability to edit messages that have already been sent in iMessage. Up to 30 minutes after sending a tweet, Twitter Blue users can edit it.

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