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WhatsApp introduces feature to mute calls from unknown numbers & spam callers

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Image credit : Whatsapp Incoming calls from unknown numbers can now be automatically muted by WhatsApp's latest feature, as per the service revealed today. By navigating to WhatsApp's settings, selecting "Privacy," "Calls," and turning on the "Silence Unknown Callers" toggle, the setting can be accessed. The function, according to WhatsApp, would "screen out spam, scams, and calls from unknown people for increased protection." When used, the function turns off all warnings in the app, both audible and visual, for incoming calls from unknown numbers. The note "silenced unknown caller" will still be present next to any silenced calls in your recent calls list in case you decide to call back [caption id="attachment_183751" align="aligncenter" width="1246"]silence unknown calls on Whatsapp Image credit : Screen Rant[/caption] The feature was added in response to allegations of an increase in spam calls, which primarily affect Indian users. According to a TechCrunch article from a month ago, WhatsApp had launched a new enforcement system that allegedly employed machine learning to cut the number of spam calls by 50%. Users can now attempt to quiet any spam calls that have eluded the service's automatic filters thanks to the new silencing option in the app. Also read : How to Send a Group Text message on iOS or Android Along with the option to silence messages, WhatsApp also claims to be introducing a new "Privacy Checkup" tool that would walk users through each step of the privacy and security options the app provides. The checkup covers a variety of topics, including as allowing users control who can contact them and enhancing account security by requiring biometric authentication or two-step verification.

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