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Whatsapp is Still Testing Out Companion Device Support

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Whatsapp is Still Testing Out Companion Device Support-GadgetAny
WhatsApp is still testing out companion device support

WhatsApp’s been experimenting with or rolling out new features to enhance users’ experience. However, the messaging platform still cannot be used on multiple smartphones simultaneously. But, the Meta-owned company has been working on multi-device 2.0 with companion device support since 2021. Unfortunately, the capability is yet a no-show on WhatsApp. However, more information about it has been unveiled now, proving that it’s still under development. 

Multi-device 2.0 on WhatsApp

WhatsApp seems to be working on enhanced multi-device support. For example, it will enable users to add a second smartphone as a companion device. In addition, WABetaInfo discovered that the messaging platform is testing syncing users’ chat history across mobile devices. The company seems to be working the feature out in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.15.13. 

WhatsApp is still testing out companion device support

Additionally, the syncing will reportedly be automatic when users log into a companion device. But, the process might take time to complete depending on users’ number of conversations. And although this is a tiny bit of news, it nonetheless confirms that WhatsApp might add multi-device support in the future. 

Previously, some reports revealed that when users switched to a different WhatsApp account on a companion device, the app removed all existing chats from the device. And that was because of safety and privacy reasons. But unfortunately, users cannot yet enable the companion mode on WhatsApp beta. Instead, they will have to wait until the company concludes the feature is ready for public testing via its beta channel. 

WhatsApp to get a new status update feature

So, for now, users can only use WhatsApp on one smartphone and three other devices like computers or laptops. Also, the linked devices will continue to receive WhatsApp messages even if the primary phone is offline. Unfortunately, users unable to use WhatsApp on multiple smartphones is a significant drawback for the popular platform. The reason is that many other messaging platforms like Telegram offer this capability to users. So, it’s high time WhatsApp addresses this issue. 

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