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WhatsApp to get a new status update feature

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WhatsApp to get a new status update feature-GadgetAny
WhatsApp to get a new status update feature

WhatsApp Beta Info revealed a newly spotted feature on the app concerning status updates. The feature will soon be available to WhatsApp users on their chat list. It will help them communicate their current feeling or setup to their contacts. However, the report states that the new WhatsApp status update feature will initially be available in a trial stage on iOS Chat List. Unfortunately, there is no mention of when it will be available on other platforms. 

Moreover, the status update feature will not be similar to Twitter’s or Facebook’s status updates. Nor will it resemble Instagram’s status emoji available in the story carousel. Plus, a status update on WhatsApp is not exactly a new feature. However, it is not that widely used by WhatsApp users. Similar to Instagram Stories, WhatsApp status disappears after 24 hours. In addition, users can upload various media features as status – from text and images to videos and GIFs. 

WhatsApp gets a new status update feature

Furthermore, the new WhatsApp status update feature will allow users to click on a person’s profile picture to view their status. According to WABeta Info, future app updates will carry over this feature, ensuring more quality integration than before. Additionally, searching contact in the search bar will permit WhatsApp users to access that person’s status.  

On another note, WhatsApp is an app available on various platforms, offering different features to its users. Fortunately, the beta features of the app provide an excellent outlook on an upcoming upgrade. In addition, the company has already decreased its number of forwarded messages to prevent the spread of misinformation via the app. Besides that, WhatsApp also updates to allow users to send better voice messages to their contacts. Voice messages are significant for people with instant messaging needs as it provides better integration and accessibility to communication functions. 


Meta’s WhatsApp offers regular updates to its users to enhance customer satisfaction with the features available on the app. Additionally, the beta program of the app experiments with numerous ideas to make WhatsApp better. Apart from that, it also gives the public a glimpse of future updates. Hence, the WABeta Info leak regarding the new status update feature is undoubtedly something to look forward to. 

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