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When employment is threatened by artificial intelligence, Bill Gates searches for optimism.

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Image Credit: The Street Many people are worried about the rapid advances in artificial intelligence, but Bill Gates thinks that they will not be as bad as people think. He says AI will change the workplace, but it may not be as big as people think. Bill Gates wrote in a blog post that many jobs do not use a lot of chatbot abilities, but chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT can be helpful because they can express ideas well. Microsoft and Google both have chatbots, called Bing and Bard, that are powered by artificial intelligence. Both companies have also moved to integrate artificial intelligence into their work apps, so you can do things like chat with your work colleagues and get work done more easily. Google claims it wants to create a new class of "digital assistants," while Microsoft refers to its new features as a "copilot." Bill Gates says that while AI in the workplace will likely get smarter, it may not ever become much more than a copilot. Gates said that Microsoft's copilot features will help people to write emails more easily and to manage their email inboxes more effectively. Everyone will eventually have a virtual personal assistant that can aid them in doing their jobs more effectively as A.I. technology advances. This is being promoted as a workplace vision by Google and Microsoft. AI Bot Image Credit: Wikipedia Bill Gates said that “[A]dvances in A.I. will enable the creation of a personal agent. Think of it as a digital personal assistant: It will see your emails, know about the meetings you attend, read what you read, and read the things you don’t want to bother with. This will both improve your work on the tasks you want to do and free you from the ones you do not want to do.” Artificial intelligence has been used in workplaces for years to help speed up processes and help keep track of old files. But recently, chatbots have been developed that can do many things quickly and easily, making AI an even more important part of our lives. Read More: Bill Gates thinks AI, not the metaverse, will be the next major tech Gates says that because ChatGPT has made artificial intelligence (A.I.) so public, there will be big changes in the tech world very soon. He says that the shift from a world before A.I. to a world after A.I. will be just as big as the shift from computers being used only by people in offices to them being used by everyone. Some jobs will change a lot because of artificial intelligence (A.I.), but there will be some downsides. A recent study found that around 80% of people in the US will only see 10% of their work changed by A.I., but around 19% of people will see over half of their job affected. Ai Lecture Image Credit: The Conversation Leaders in the industry have admitted that A. I. claims that the jobs most likely to disappear are repetitive, easily automated jobs, even in high-paying roles. The Financial Times quoted Arvind Krishna, chairman and CEO of IBM, as saying, "I do think clerical white-collar work is going to be able to be replaced by this.” Economic expert Carl Benedikt Frey of Oxford University made the following prediction ten years ago: A. I. could obliterate 47% of the U. S. jobs by the start of the 2030s. More recently, the World Economic Forum predicted that would occur in 2020 and would result in the loss of 85 million jobs globally by 2025.

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