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Amazon Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite: What You Should Choose?

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Amazon Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite: What You Should Choose?-GadgetAny
Kindle Paperwhite vs amazon kindle

Amazon offers various Kindle e-reader options to bibliophiles, all of which have different features. However, the most popular ones are the basic, affordable Amazon Kindle model and Kindle Paperwhite, a more expensive version. As a result, ‘Amazon Kindle vs. Kindle Paperwhite’ has always been a huge question. The reason is that they both have different prices and features that might affect a reader’s decision. Here is a comparison between the two popular Amazon e-readers to help readers make their decision –


Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite aren’t that different in design. They both flaunt a plain plastic body and large bezels around the touchscreen. And they have a power button and micro USB port on the bottom edge. 

However, the most significant difference is the color, as Kindle Paperwhite does not offer users any color choice except black. But, Amazon Kindle comes in both black and white options. Fortunately, readers have plenty of colorful cases they can choose from for both models.  

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

In addition, Paperwhite’s bezels are flush with the screen. On the other hand, the basic Kindle has raised bezels. Therefore, Paperwhite’s design is more “high-end” than the basic Kindle. Also, it is taller and broader than the basic Kindle but not as thick. Additionally, Paperwhite weighs 182g (or 191g for the cellular connectivity version), a bit heavier than Kindle, which weighs 174g. Moreover, Paperwhite is water-resistant (rated IPX8), whereas the basic Kindle is not. 


The display size of both Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite is 6-inch (glare-free). However, the sharpness of the display screen differs in both e-readers. On the one hand, the basic Kindle screen is 167 ppi. And on the other hand, Paperwhite’s display is 300 ppi. Therefore, the text in the latter model looks crisper and sharper than in the former. Also, readers can best appreciate Paperwhite’s high resolution in books with images or illustrations, like comics. Additionally, both displays have a front light, allowing readers to read in the dark without an external light source. But, the front light in the Paperwhite is brighter as it uses five LEDs, whereas the basic Kindle uses only four. 


Regarding specifications, there are two significant differences between the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. 

Firstly, Paperwhite boasts more storage than the basic Kindle. The former offers users two options – 8GB or 32GB, while the latter only comes with 4GB of storage. And this can become a problem if users listen to audiobooks through Audible. The reason is that although both e-readers support the feature, it is best to use it on Paperwhite. 

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Secondly, Paperwhite comes in two options – Wi-Fi and one with both Wi-Fi plus cellular connectivity (with free 3G and 4G connectivity). Meanwhile, the basic Amazon Kindle only comes with one option – Wi-Fi. Thus, the latter limits users’ ability to buy and download books anytime and anywhere. 

Other than these two differences in specifications, the software and battery life of both e-readers are the same. Thus, the battery in both last for weeks on a single charge with typical usage. 

Price tag

The basic Amazon Kindle costs $89.99 for the version with ads on the lock screen. And it costs $109.99 for the version without ads. 

Additionally, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has various options with different price tags –

  • $129.99 for the 8GB Wi-Fi version with ads
  • $149.99 for the 8GB Wi-Fi version without ads
  • $159.99 for the 32GB Wi-Fi version with ads
  • $179.99 for the 32GB Wi-Fi version without ads
  • $249.99 for the 32GB cellular version without ads

Bottom line

So, it is evident that Paperwhite is more expensive than the basic Kindle model. However, it still falls under the affordable category compared to Kindle Oasis’ price. Besides, Paperwhite offers a sharper screen, more storage, sophisticated design, water resistance, brighter front light, and a cellular connectivity option. Thus, buyers should remember such things before choosing between the basic Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite.

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