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Whistleblowing drama, Instagram's teen safety features, Twitter adds podcasts

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In the first half of this year, Global app spending reached $65 billion, the same as the last year's estimation. The company earned $64.4 billion from the previous year in the same period. Due to the pandemic, the hypergrowth rate decreased. But, the overall economy of the app is continuously growing and has a record number of downloads. However, the users or consumers spend in iOS and Google Play Stores. According to the last year's report, the worldwide spending across iOS and Google Play Store was $133 billion, and the consumers downloaded 143.6 billion apps. Moreover, Twitter is testing a unique tag that will be given to the account holder with verified phone numbers. twitter This week, Apps provides a way to keep up with this fast-moving industry in just one place with the most upgraded world apps, which include the News, startup fundings, updates, acquisitions, mergers, and much more.  Zatko backed up Musk's Claims when he noticed that there are millions of active accounts on the platform, which Twitter does not include in its mDAU metric. However, a metric Twitter itself originated to count only those users that it could monetize by way of advertisements. Therefore, all there million non-mDAU accounts are part of the median user's experience on the "States of Complaint" and this comprehensive set of non-mDAU active accounts. Musk's statement was correct that Twitter executives have little or no confidential incentive to measure the prevalence of spam bots on its platform accurately. twitter The complaint was that Twitter couldn't identify the total number of spam bots on its platform and could not offer an appropriate upper bound on that figure. Musk's legal argument is that Twitter has misled its users and investors about the number of bots on its platform. The company estimation is less than 5%. Moreover, the Twitter might soon consist of end-to-end encrypted DMs. Moreover, Twitter has been reporting to the SEC that Spam and bots are likely less than the 5% of its mDAUs. This figure showed the scrubbed of bots, so advertisers get to know how many real audiences they want to reach. Zatko might point out that this made-up, proprietary metric is ripe for manipulation. In the complaint, he also said that Twitter execs are incentivized to avoid counting spam bots as mDAUs. In other words, twitter's statement to the SEC is likely appropriate when Twitter says its mDAU figures are less than the 5% spam.  Twitter Expands into Podcasting  In addition to the whistleblower news, Twitter also released some significant product updates. First, the app is becoming a podcasting app. A new update to Twitter's Spaces tab will integrate podcasts into a redesigned experience with content organized in "Stations." Stations will group content by topics, such as News, sports, music, and more. Twitter is testing a ‘Status’ Feature that lets users choose from a menu of pre-set expressions to accompany individual tweets. The app will also provide recommendations depending on who you follow and how you engage with content. The Spaces tab will continue to include both live and prerecorded audio from Twitter Spaces. twitter Apple Confirms  During its iPhone event on September 7 at 10 AM PT, Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone 14 with an improved camera and faster processor. In addition, a new Apple Watch could also be revealed along with an AR/VR headset. Furthermore, iOS 16 is coming with a whole host of big-league features, and we have mentioned a few here to update you about your favorite Apple device. twitter Apple has confirmed that iPadOS 16 will be delayed. Bloomberg reported that it would be released later this year, along with macOS Ventura. Moreover, the iOS 16 beta 7 is likely the final or near-final version before the official launch in September. In addition to the seventh betas of watchOS 9 and tvOS 16, the company released the first beta of iPadOS 16.1. Instagram Teen Safety features  Instagram's teen safety features have been updated to default to Instagram's most restricted setting for users under 16. A new "Settings check-up" feature will guide teens in updating their privacy and safety settings and prompt existing teen users to do the same. Teens under 18 can only choose between "Standard" and "Less" options for how much sensitive content they want to view. If they don't like the setting, they can change it. Global users can now use the new features, which were first announced in December before Instagram's Senate testimony. Hidden your Instagram likes and plays help you for various reasons, and knowing how to do it is easy. In addition, privacy advocates suggest Instagram route its youngest users to the most restrictive setting if it suspects they're younger than they indicated. The group points out that Instagram doesn't include self-harm or disordered eating content on its list of sensitive content. Instagram  Moreover, all other apps such as facebook messenger, whatsapp, telegram, etc. introduces safety features to make you feel more secure with the  social network. 

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