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White House Brings Up 3 Important AI Topics During Meeting with Major Tech Companies

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White House announces $140 million A.I. hub investment ahead of meeting with Google, OpenAI (Image credit- CNBC)

According to a briefing from the White House, vice president Kamala Harris and senior officials met with the CEOs of four major tech companies to examine the dangers posed by artificial intelligence (AI). This occurs at a time when OpenAI's ChatGPT, a popular chatbot that attracts millions of users worldwide thanks to its capacity to provide human-like responses to varied prompts, is at its most popular. This has raised issues in a number of industries, particularly in relation to the potential effects on jobs, security, privacy, and a host of other issues. Three crucial issues were discussed during the meeting in order to ensure that the advantages of AI are realized while minimizing any potential hazards to society, individuals, and national security. President Biden attended the meeting to underscore that businesses must make sure their products are secure and safe before they are released to the public. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3000"]White House Unveils Initiatives to Reduce Risks of AI - The New York Times Image credit- The New York Times[/caption] The government emphasized the value of these businesses' leadership in establishing a good example of conduct and acting to provide protections that protect people's rights and safety. Transparency, the capacity to assess and confirm the security, efficacy, and safety of AI systems, as well as the necessity of protecting AI systems from hostile actors and attacks were the three main topics covered throughout the discussion. Also read: Former Twitter executives will testify in the Hunter Biden Story lawsuit on “blocking” articles The CEOs and the officials both agreed that more work has to be done to develop suitable safeguards and protections for this developing technology. The CEOs pledged to work with the administration to make sure that American citizens can take advantage of advances in AI while still having their rights and safety upheld. The administration's continued attempts to consult with stakeholders on crucial AI topics included this meeting.  

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