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'White Lotus' Star Aubrey Plaza Shares A Kiss With Chloe Fineman In A Steamy 'SNL' Promo

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Aubrey Plaza meets up with the Saturday Night Live audience's Chloe Fineman, an impression queen, in a new promo for her hosting role on the program. Additionally, Fineman asks Plaza how she feels ahead of the show. The White Lotus actress, 38, responds, "I'm excited, yeah, and oh my god, I love your impressions." Fineman, 34, responds by jokingly demonstrating her well-known Drew Barrymore imitation, to which Plaza responds, "But Chloe, you're not the only one that can do impressions." She then assumes the role of Marcia Gay Harden in Pollack to the fullest, raising her voice, gesturing passionately toward Fineman, and beating her chest with her hand loudly. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Aubrey Plaza and Chloe Fineman kiss in in a new promo for Saturday Night Live Image credit: Yahoo! Sports[/caption] The impression, a surprised Fineman observes, "was a little intense," and she inquires as to whether she has any more that are "a little more fun." Plaza responds, "Yeah, fun I got you," before her face falls into a crying expression and she starts to sob. She shouts out animatedly, "You weak. You baby… Just shut up, shut up," as she starts to slap herself across the face. Fineman reaches out to stop her yelling out of concern. "Oh, oh no," she exclaims. And as Fineman correctly predicts that the impression is of Annette Benning from American Beauty, Plaza exclaims, "Yes, you got it!" Also read: Chart-topper Sam Smith spotted getting cozy with NYC-based designer Christian Cowan

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Classical music starts to play in the background as the SNL performer inquires as to why Plaza "is like this," simulating a dramatic monologue from a show. Plaza moves up to Fineman and says seriously, "Because I'm insane. And I've been waiting to do this show since I was 12 years old." Then, as the two cautiously approach one another, Fineman enquires, "What's happening?" And then they kiss after Plaza tells her to "shut up." Furthermore, an SNL janitor on the first level may be seen at that very moment witnessing the two as they engage in a passionate makeout on the balcony. He simply shakes his head and keeps working.
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  On another note, on Jan. 5, Saturday Night Live made the announcement that Aubrey Plaza would host the premiere episode of 2023 with musical guest Sam Smith. Additionally, the actress shared an Instagram picture of her White Lotus character Harper smoking a cigarette with the date "1.21.23" scribbled over it after the news was revealed. Lastly, the second half of Saturday Night Live's 48th season premieres on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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