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Who is Ashley Russell? 20 Year old Alabama student Adam Levine’s fifth accuser.

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Who is Ashley Russell?  20 Year old Alabama student Adam Levine’s fifth accuser.-GadgetAny
Ashley Russell adam levin accuser

A Alabama college student as well as fitness fanatic, Ashley Russell, who manages an Instagram pagecalled Ashleysfit_, is now the fifth person who claims she received flirty messages from pos model Adam Levine.

Russell claims that she was the Maroon 5 singer randomly slapped her following her posts in the feed called “explore” on his Instagram account. Russell claims that the 43-year old started texting her in the last few days of this year, and would send attractive messages about her glutes and toned legs. But, Russell noticed that he was quick to delete the messages when they were read.

Ashley Russell adam levin accuser
Ashley Russell adam levin accuser

In the report by Daily Mail, although there were messages of friendship between them regularly, Russell ultimately warned him to not send these messages, and warned him that he would be caught engaging in online flirting. The conversations started on the 13th of March the day that Levine wrote to her that read, “Leg day. The most important day and easiest day to miss.” Then, in the course of the conversation, he says “You’re attending college, right?”. Then he sent a message about a minute later, saying: “Nice work on legs. #commitment.”

adam levin Text Ashley Russell

She stated, “He would message almost every night at 10pm my time. I would check my messages every time I published an update and that was daily and was looked at as a compliment by his.” Russell added, “He would like mainly stories about booty and would always respond by mentioning a the booty or leg day during the workout.”


The fitness guru said, “He said he found me via the Discover Page via Instagram since he’s “big interested in health and exercise” as I also have a Fitness profile”. She added, “I knew it was odd, so I decided to continue to see if the situation got more serious. When I warned him that I was sure he would be found guilty of DMing girls just like me, I stopped chatting with him.”

Ashley Russell adam levin accuser

Russell, who was 20 at the time claimed Levine did not contact her following that incident however, she continued to look at her stories. “I believe this is the real meaning of disrespect for women. It is very disappointing to see a man who is married and is doing this unwise act,” the woman said. Russell said that she found it odd that he had said he saw him on the Instagram Explore feed, “considering his age and the fact that the couple is married. She added, “I wonder what his feed is as… the majority of young women? I find it very strange.”

In the past, there were other accusers who claimed to have received flirty messages by the musician. Sumner Stroh was the first person to make the accusation against Adam Levine of allegedly sending flirtatious messages. She posted on TikTok said Adam was her boyfriend. Adam were friends before they fell off for several months.


Adam Levin reply on these accusations.

adam levin apology

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