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Who is Dennis Tito, billionaire who purchased SpaceX Starship ticket

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Billionaire Dennis Tito bought SpaceX Starship seats to fly around the moon for himself and his wife. The entrepreneur and his wife will be part of the third passenger space trip of the Elon Musk tech company, SpaceX. As to the latest report by CNBC, the millionaire, Tito, traveled as a private space tourist when he boarded a Russian rocket to go to the International Space Station or the ISS way back in 2001. The 80-year-old entrepreneur is well-known as the first-ever space traveler.  According to a news piece by Space News, Tito spent roughly more than a week in space before returning to his home planet via the Soyuz spacecraft of Russia. And this time, the millionaire is preparing to make his comeback to outer space. Dennis Tito, a billionaire, purchases a SpaceX Starship ticket to orbit the moon Tito has reserved two seats in the forthcoming passenger voyage of SpaceX, whereby its Starship rocket would sail to the moon. The first-ever space tourist, Tito, revealed in a press conference that he had "been wanting to go to the moon since [his] the first voyage to space." Also Read: AI Chatbot Girlfriend Saves A Marriage Of Cleveland Man CNBC claims that the billionaire is flying together with his wife, Aikiko, who is a pilot and a real estate mogul. Given that, the news site reports that the couple is set to make a record as the first-ever married couple to have traveled around the moon. The entrepreneur reveals that there are still ten extra tickets on the Starship aircraft which are available for purchase. Dennis Tito, a billionaire How Much is the Starship Ticket? A ticket to fly to space is assumingly extravagant in price, given that individuals buying tickets are well-known millionaires. However, when Tito was asked about the cost of the two tickets on the Starship expedition, he declined to say how much he spent on it, CNBC notes in its story. The space firm of Musk, SpaceX, also failed to offer details regarding the pricing of its tickets. However, the tech giant has confirmed that Tito and his wife are joining its second crewed expedition to the moon.

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