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Who is Kelsey Turner? Former Playboy model sentenced 25 years in prison for killing 71-yr-old California psychiatrist

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Who is Kelsey Turner? Former Playboy model sentenced 25 years in prison for killing 71-yr-old California psychiatrist-GadgetAny
Kelsey Turner & Dr Thomas Burchard

On November 9, former Playboy model Kelsey Turner filed an Alford plea to the murder of California psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard, 71, for allegedly failing to pay her $3200 monthly house rent.

He is said to have been paying her rent for at least a year while the two were allegedly dating. Later, he allegedly flew to Las Vegas from California to inform Turner that he could no longer pay the debt, which allegedly resulted in a brawl.

Turner, who entered a plea, faces a sentence of 10 to 25 years in jail. According to the Daily Mail, Turner’s co-defendant and ex-boyfriend Jon Kennison already entered a guilty plea to murder and conspiracy in the case. On March 7, 2019, LVMPD officers near the entrance to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in southeast Nevada found Burchard’s body placed inside the trunk of an abandoned car. This horrifying crime was only then brought to light.

Kelsey Turner
Image: AP

Who is Kelsey Turner?

Arkansas-born Turner is a well-known former Playboy model. She is 27 years old right now. She characterizes herself as “impulsive,” says Heavy.com. She continues, “I adore emotions and fun, and I completely understand that this is the only life you have.”

The publication asserts that the model made statements about love and sex in an earlier interview. “Give the oven some time to warm up. Nobody would bake a lasagna in a 200-degree oven. Women who are dating guys should follow the same recommendations. Spend some time getting your “O” in. It is not a race, so if you’re rushing, probably only one enjoys it. hehe.

In the meanwhile, she was featured on the 2017 cover of OneTen magazine. Her following court date is November 15, and the sentencing will take place on January 10, 2023.

Turner reportedly competed in a Maxim Cover Girl contest as well, placing eighth in the West Group Nine division, according to News Week. She then stated, “Actually, I’m a fantastic R&B and blues vocalist. I would classify this as a secret talent because I made the decision fairly early on to keep music as a private and personal interest. I frequently record in studios and have a keyboard in my room.” Susan is the name of her second mother.

What are the allegations and occurrences in this murder? 

The former model was detained on March 21 in Stockton, California, shortly after Burchard’s body was discovered in Las Vegas, and Kennison was detained on April 17 in the same city.

For his involvement in the murder, Kennison was reportedly given a sentence of 18 to 45 years in jail. He refuted charges that the psychiatrist was his girlfriend’s sugar daddy in a jailhouse interview with Access Hollywood, as reported by the New York Post. He put the responsibility on Diana Pena, his girlfriend’s former roommate, saying, “We’re not monsters, we didn’t do it.”

He apparently acknowledged, however, that Turner’s Las Vegas residence, car, and other expenses had all been paid for by the psychiatrist. Burchard’s longtime life companion and fiancée Judy Earp asserted that he had given Turner about $300,000 over the years. He reportedly told the model, however, that he would no longer support her way of life before he passed away.

Pena asserted that Kennison chased Burchard down with a bat after the physician argued angrily with Turner. She purportedly also mentioned the victim’s head bruise. He claimed he had not killed the psychiatrist in the interview conducted in the jail. He said, “I never did anything to him. I would never damage him. I would never injure him.

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