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Why Chinese CCTV Cameras on UK Sites Are Now Banned?

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Chinese CCTV cameras were prohibited from being used by the British authorities. Additionally, it is said that government representatives have been advised to think about getting rid of the current Chinese surveillance equipment. According to the most recent BBC news report, UK government departments are no longer able to install brand-new security cameras from Chinese companies. The most recent action comes as China now requires businesses to work with Beijing's security services. As a result, the UK has ordered its government agencies to stop putting Chinese monitoring technology in their critical locations. So it turns out that these British institutions no longer have the latest Chinese video cameras installed. A Hydro-Quebec employee is accused of spying for China and sending trade secrets to research institutes. cctv camera

The UK has prohibited Chinese surveillance cameras, and here's why

The restriction of Chinese CCTV cameras was announced in a statement by Oliver Dowden, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. He went on to explain why they made this choice. Dowden is the second-most senior member of the government, according to a recent article in The Register. According to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, "the government estate has concluded that greater restrictions are essential in view of the threat to the UK and the expanding capability and interconnection of these systems." Therefore, it appears that due to security concerns, the UK has banned Chinese surveillance cameras. cctv camera As a result, according to Dowden, "departments have been directed to halt deploying such equipment onto sensitive sites, where it is made by businesses subject to the National Intelligence Law of the People's Republic of China." The notification did not identify which Chinese video cameras are subject to the restriction, The Register points out in its story. The news source does, however, mention that it might also include names like Dahua and Hikvision. It's important to remember that British MPs have previously called for the government to forbid these firms. It was "under constant assessment, and this is a precautionary move that's been made with that approach," according to the prime minister's spokesperson.

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