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Why is the Asus-ROG phone 6 the best for the Greater gaming experience?

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Why is the Asus-ROG phone 6 the best for the Greater gaming experience?-GadgetAny

Asus ROG has always been a blast since it first launched. Now, ROG-6 has just launched in the market, and here we are telling you why it is best for Gaming. In 2018 Asus decided to launch the gaming Phone ROG, and in 2022 they launched the ROG 6 and ROG 6 pro.

The Key difference between ROG 6 and ROG 6 pro is in RAM capacity and a programmable color AMOLED display on the back. Looks like ROG 6 pro will come with 18Gb of RAM.

If you are unaware of what ROG means, here is the complete form of “Republic of Gamers”. Asus is claiming this phone is the first phone with an IPX4 rating. IPX4 means it is splashproof from every direction.
As Asus is hosting a launch event today, this phone has a lot to expect.

What are the key specifications of the ROG phone 6?

Asus revealed that this phone will come with enhanced features. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform. In addition, the ROG 6 will come with 6.78-inch FHD and AMOLED display. This display can support up to 165Hz touch rate.


The RAM type is LPDDR5, up to 8GB and 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage. This phone could feature rare triple lenses in the primary camera, which would be 64GB and 12MP secondary camera. As the battery is quite large, which is 6000mAh and supports 65W fast charging.

Why it is best to phone the Gamers?

Previously all the phones of the ROG series were quite good at performance and were greatly suited for gaming. ROG phone 6 takes this experience and little further with all the enhancement.

The main factor is cooling for a smooth gaming experience and it will come with improved thermals from all the other ROG series phones. It features an almost 30% vapor chamber improvement to improve the gaming experience. A huge 85% percent improvement in the graphics sheet.

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