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Why Lock Screen Widgets Are Even More Useful When You Have a Big Screen Like the iPadOS 17

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(Image credit- Lifewire) Widgets for the lock screen could be coming to the iPad in iPadOS 17, and just like a few other features that are exclusive to the iPhone, they'll be far more useful on the iPad's great big display. When it comes to leaks and rumors, this one is at the "like, duh, obviously," end of the scale. When Apple introduced widgets for the iPhone in iOS 14, the iPad did the same thing in iPadOS 15. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the lock-screen widgets and customizations that were introduced in iOS 16 for the iPhone are also coming to the iPad this year. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]iPadOS 17 likely bringing the iPhone's Lock Screen, always-on display to  the big screen | Macworld Image credit- Macworld[/caption] And in contrast to the iPhone, which has difficulty accommodating more than a few widgets at a time, the iPad has an abundance of space for all of this and much more. In point of fact, the iPad has a few user interface characteristics that are superior to those of the iPhone. Widgets for the iPad Lock Screen are Useful The situation with the lock screen on the iPhone is rather complicated. To begin, there are the lock-screen widgets, of which you are only allowed to install a maximum of four (or five, if you choose to change the date display that is located directly above the current time). Then there are Live Activities, which enable applications to display real-time updates for things like the scores of sports games or the standings of airplane flights. Finally, aside from the lock screen but still related—and still exclusive to the iPhone—is Apple's wacky status and alert box known as the Dynamic Island. This box never leaves the screen and transforms the camera cutout into a vibrant assistant, much like a Clippy that nobody dislikes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3000"]iPadOS 16 beta has debug menu that enables new lock screen - 9to5Mac Image credit- 9to5Mac[/caption] The iPad would make for the ideal information hub if it were propped up on a stand or installed on the Magic Keyboard. This would allow for quick and easy access to content. To begin, the iPad's screen was capable of fitting a far greater amount of content. To be honest, the limit of four (or five) widgets that the iPhone allows is completely arbitrary. Also read: Microsoft’s Latest Windows 11 Preview Introduces Widgets: Here’s What You Need to Know Although there is obviously room for a great deal more widgets, Apple has decided to keep the interface as uncluttered as possible. The screen of the iPad is capable of displaying larger widgets that contain more information. The iPhone's widgets are only graphical representations that transmit information. Richer widgets could be displayed on the iPad, such as a now-playing panel that is customized to the user's preferences, the weather, a to-do list, or any of the widgets that are presently present on the user's home screen.

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